Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November's Double Coupon Day

Ok so here are the pictures FINALLY from my Double coupons day this month. This is ALL the goodies I got for $103.09 (except a package of diapers that I had to break open and use)

So I saved a total of $440.52 this month and only spent 14% of what the totals were. My dad gave me the suggestion to figure out the percent because then it is more dramatic. I think so!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Delaney's got talent!

She has learned to stand on her own. Check this out! She's a big girl now.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day!

I am grateful to ALL those who serve this great country. For those past and present. For those that have given their lives for MY freedom. I am SO grateful. I am also grateful to be married to a US Marine. One who works so hard and gives 110% of himself to go above and beyond. He is MY hero! He is my girls hero too!

I hope as you go throughout your days, you remember those who protect OUR freedoms to live in this country and be able to worship as we please. To say those things that we want and not be afraid. I am a VERY proud AMERICAN and THANKFUL to my Father in Heaven for the opportunity to know such hero's and live in such a land to be FREE!

This is MY hero... My husband.... my friend

**Just a little sidenote..... Yesterday NOV. 10th 2009 Was the Marine Corps birthday HAPPY 234th BIRTHDAY Marines!**

Monday, November 9, 2009

Our Halloween Fun

Halloween 2009

We had such a great time at our ward Halloween party. They don't do Trunk or Treat out here... so this was it. The girls all bobbed for apples....

And got their faces painted.....

We wrapped Sydney up as a mummy with Toilet paper..... FYI if you are gonna do this DO NOT use the CHEAPO stuff! It rips way to easy!

Delaney tried an apple for the first time... She LOVED it!

Me and my baby girl... just hanging out

Check out her teefers!

This is the best FAMILY PICTURE we got!

This was the first year in 5 years Matthew has been home with us on Halloween. It was fun to have HIM help carve the pumpkins..... I was so glad to not have to do it this year!

My Princess

showing off her dress....

Check out this cowgirl ATTITUDE!

I do have to say Kelsee was an adorable Jessie the Cowgirl!

Haylee couldnt figure out what to "be" so she was a guitarist, band member, drummer something or other!

Dr. Sydney Conrad. This was the first time she had walked on her foot in 4 weeks after fracturing it. She wanted to trick or treat SOOOOO bad

We had a great time passing out candy and trick or treating. The Princess barely made it around the corner before she was out cold! It was a fun night filled with FAMILY FUN!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Crazy Hair Day

Sydney loves CRAZY HAIR DAY at school. This was the end product of our crazy hair this year. I actually did Kelsee's like this too but didnt get a picture before she took it out. =(

They do something different everyday of red ribbon DRUG FREE week at school. Like wear a special color or funny socks or something like that.

Just wanted to share some of the fun!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Delaney's 1st birthday

So hard to believe that she started out so tiny.... well as tiny as you can be at 8 lbs. She still is my tiny little peanut, just longer.

She makes me smile everyday. I am SOOO glad that I am blessed to be her mommy! She has brought so much joy to our family!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Each of the girls made a HAPPY BIRTHDAY poster for her. I hung them on the wall at her level so that she can see and touch them.

Playing peek a boo with daddy.

Haylee gave her Po the Teletubbie for her birthday. The same one that her Uncle David bought for her on Haylee's 1st birthday, almost 11 years ago.

She loved her gifts! She even helped rip off the paper. She loved her cards....

She loved her cake!

but wasnt too sure about all the frosting!