Sunday, July 19, 2009

Going to visit G'ma and Papa

Ok so I know we've only been back a week from Utah but this heat is about gonna KILL me! No joke. It has been 110+ during the day and at night it has gotten down to a BRISK 80 degrees. My house during the day with ALL windows and blinds closed and as few lights as possible and every fan going and air conditioner is still 80 + degrees. I just can't do it. I was thinking yesterday as I was BAKING in the heat having a yard sale...... how in the world did I do this heat PREGGO????? I was crazy, OH WAIT I was visiting Simi or in Bakersfield alot last summer

Life is going good for us these days. Busy but good. I have tried to put together pictures and a post from when we were in Utah! I took LOTS of pictures but it is taking a little long so I figured I would just do it when I have a lotta minutes Free to focus.

Delaney is now crawling all over and has started pulling herself up on things. She LOVES to help with the laundry. She gets excited when I bring a basket in to fold. she crawls over and tips the basket towards her. Matthew covered her with a basket of towels and she had thrown them all off before I could take a pic. She is 8 months old now. She got tooth #2 on July 3rd, while in Utah. She is such a happy baby. Maybe someday she will actually sleep through the night.... she still wakes up 2-3 times a night. This momma is exhausted!!!

Haylee is growing up too quick. She is my helper. She is sad that her friends Victoria and Hunter moved. She misses them but glad that she gets to email Hunter. She isnt looking foward to school starting. She would rather just hang out with ME!!!

Sydney is the best helper I could've ever asked for. She loves to help with Delaney. She also Loves to keep me company at the store. Sydney cant wait for school to start. I know, crazy girl huh?

Kelsee is busy busy. She loves playing by herself in her room. She is great at pretending. She has made a really good friend across the street, so I always have at least 1 extra kid here it seems.

Well Matthew is working like a fool. He puts in LONG hours daily. I am lucky to see him before 6pm with him leaving everyday before 6am. He will be going to Bridgeport, CA for training in Aug. for about 3 weeks. Yet again he will be gone for the first day of school- ya gotta love the Marine Corps!!!

Ok- so this post isnt as fun and exciting as ones past... I just thought I'd update on the fam. We have been going bowling alot this summer. The girls have been doing great at it. Scoring over 100. I have gotten 162 and 166 games. I have been also staying busy doing ebay, selling on (like Craig's List) and just being a mom! I have really enjoyed the girls being home from school. I am gonna be sad to have them go back in a month. =(

So here we go off for another trip- dont worry I will be back. Maybe actually finish the Utah post and share the fun pictures.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Playing Beek A Booo

Why can't kids always be this cute with each other??? I have to admit my girls LOVE
their sister. I am so lucky. They actually FIGHT over who gets to hold her DAILY!!! People thought that after awhile they would all get over this, well they still do it. Delaney is a LUCKY baby to have good sisters. And I am a lucky mommy too!
Just this morning I was laying in bed doing the I DONT WANT TO GET UP THING! at 650am. I thought to myself I REALLY should get in the shower before Delaney gets up. My thought had not even passed before I heard a little voice.... She was AWAKE! I pulled myself outta bed made it to the doorwayy of her room, just across the hall from our room, before I heard Sydney RUNNING down the hall. She was trying to get to her Before me! I went to pick Delaney up as Sydney said I WANNA HOLD HER MOM! So me being the good mom handed her over and went to take a shower! Love My girls!
You gotta see this cute video of Kelsee playing Peek A Boo with Delaney. Is was a little while ago but it makes me smile to hear Delaney laugh. Just wanted to share it. Enjoy.......