Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Playing Beek A Booo

Why can't kids always be this cute with each other??? I have to admit my girls LOVE
their sister. I am so lucky. They actually FIGHT over who gets to hold her DAILY!!! People thought that after awhile they would all get over this, well they still do it. Delaney is a LUCKY baby to have good sisters. And I am a lucky mommy too!
Just this morning I was laying in bed doing the I DONT WANT TO GET UP THING! at 650am. I thought to myself I REALLY should get in the shower before Delaney gets up. My thought had not even passed before I heard a little voice.... She was AWAKE! I pulled myself outta bed made it to the doorwayy of her room, just across the hall from our room, before I heard Sydney RUNNING down the hall. She was trying to get to her Before me! I went to pick Delaney up as Sydney said I WANNA HOLD HER MOM! So me being the good mom handed her over and went to take a shower! Love My girls!
You gotta see this cute video of Kelsee playing Peek A Boo with Delaney. Is was a little while ago but it makes me smile to hear Delaney laugh. Just wanted to share it. Enjoy.......

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