Monday, February 28, 2011

To Whom it may Concern

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Dear Monitor....
Would you PLEASE change my husband's orders. I don't WANT to go to Hawaii and have to end up HOMESCHOOLING my girls.  Stop jerking us around.  Give us what we want!  CHANGE EM! ASAP! Oh and make them quick so we can get outta here BEFORE June!  

A peeved off Marine Corps wife

Dear love of my life.....

PLEASE  StOp spending so much MONEY! I can't keep up with all the money going out the window. I get that we just got the tax money but I had big plans for that. (and it didn't include spending it ALL on you!) 
Thanks for understanding... (not like it will change anything though)

Love your wife.... you know the one who "controls" the money

Dear stress...

That is all

Someone who doesn't need you anymore! 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday fun

Yesterday we (me and my girls) spent the morning YET AGAIN switching rooms and rearranging things to "fit" everything.  We just moved the girls rooms not even 2 months ago. #2 wanted to share a room with #3, so we changed rooms around. That didn't last very long.... actually just 2 weeks after she was asking to switch again.  I have said NO! so many times.  SHE chose to switch in the first place. BUT as like with most moms (I think) I was HEN PECKED until I gave in and gave her what SHE wanted!  Was it really a BIG deal to change things around.... Not so much but there was LOTS of toys to re-arrange thanks to the nix of the "playroom". And as of tonite #2 still hasn't finished putting her "new" room together!  WHATEVER!  I know take a DEEP breath... it will be ok. She is a kid, it's
"NORMAL" (this is what people keep telling me)

So after a few hours of cleaning and re-arranging stuff, I decided I needed OUT!  I took the girls to lunch and then we headed to Yucca Valley to run some errands. Not all the girls wanted to go, but the news was expecting SNOW out here and I didn't want to get stuck 30 minutes from my girls without a way to get to them... so I was a mean mommy and MADE them go shopping!  Can you believe it?  HOW RUDE of me!!! LOL (That's what I told them)

After hitting Wally world, we went over to Great Clips for haircuts.  They just opened and are having an AWESOME deal of $4.99 a haircut!  So the 3 older girls got haircuts.  They look so cute

 This is my #1 daughter.  She is ALMOST 13 (in less than  a month)  She LOVED her cut yesterday when she got it done. but today she isn't sure about it since she can't put it in a ponytail!

 #2 LOVES her cut.  A-Line just like mommies.

 #3 says she didn't NEED pictures, "cuz it looks the SAME mom!"  But it looks healthy! All the yuck got cut off.

and then #4 COULDN'T be left out of the pictures...

this is my little princess that makes us laugh!

So anyways, the rest of our day yesterday was in the middle of haircuts, the baby (#4) says.... momma what is that stuff outside?  I looked and it was SNOWING!  It wasn't sticking to the ground but man it was coming down. SIDEWAYS of all things. So after the haircuts, we stopped in to Subway to get dinner and then went ran to the truck. We sat and watched the snow come down. It was so pretty. But of course as we made our way back to this craphole place it was dry with barely a cloud in the sky.  No snow for us in 29 :( No pretty white stuff to look at. Just colder than heck!

All in all it was a fun day with my girls.  I miss just hanging out and shopping with them.  Since #1 is getting older I don't get that much anymore.

Oh! and because I MADE my girls take pictures, they said I NEEDED one to.... 

how nice is that??? NO makeup. That is AU NATURAL!  Thanks girls :)
(I honestly am NOT sure why I even posted this picture)

Saturday, February 26, 2011


This week at RITE AID they had some AWESOME deals.  I couldn't pass them up, so I even went twice!  I am now stocked on diapers for a couple months.  Here was my 1st trip

 Diapers, hair color, makeup, paper towels and Johnson's baby stuff
missing from the picture is valentine's Fun Dip box, Nutter Butter cookie single (the baby HAD to have it) 2 packages of Oreo's & 5 Reese's single peanut butter egg & 5 Cadbury egg single. SORRY I forgot all about them when I was taking the pictures.

(BTW- I Rite Aid clearance ROCKS! Go check it out)

 these are close ups of the items

I saved $53.37 with my wellness + card and then saved 
$54.35 in coupons

I spent $40.78 on all of that and got $24.00 in +UP rewards back.  SO I went back tonite and got this stuff

More haircolor, shampoo, conditioner, Johnson's baby stuff, diapers, paper towels, nail polish and cadbury eggs. PLUS some yummy easter candy (they had it buy 1 get 1 free) OH! And the Right Guard body wash
I got all of this for $28.50 and I got $24.00 in +UP rewards for next time!  saved $32.69 with my wellness + card and $46.00 in coupons.

Rite Aid is definitely WORTH the trip! Can't wait to see what next week sales are like!

I am a PROUD momma!

This week has been crazy busy!  We went to my parents last weekend for the President's Day holiday. Then I decided to have the girls skip out on school for an extra day and we didn't come back home til Tues night.  When Sydney (#2 daughter) came home from school Wednesday she showed me THIS

yup! That's right..... She won 2nd place in the Science Fair.  Remember this post? We spent all that time on it and I thought she deserved SOMETHING!  Well she got better than something!  SHE ROCKS!  I am SO proud of my daughter!!!

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Confessional


 Join us for Friday Confessional over at Dandelion Wishes  

I Confess I am NOT real happy with my hubby right now.

I Confess Money is the reason

I Confess I wanna go on a Shopping spree (but anyone who knows me, knows it will be at a thrift store or Clearance isle)

I Confess the last 3 weeks have been full of more STUFF than I wanted to deal with!

I Confess that because of my good friends I haven't gone CRAZY! (although I feel like I am)

I Confess I have tried to stay positive through all the craziness, but it hasn't worked so well.

Tomorrow is another day! Hopefully a better one.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have to get something off my chest.... I have a beef with the New "SUPER TARGET" here where my parents live.  It is a really nice store, don't get me wrong.  They now have a regular Target and a Super Target here in Simi Valley.  I hadn't been to the new store, until last night.
Target had a bunch of new movies on sale for $9 and I COULDN'T pass it up!  So I headed to the Super Target, with my brother, after I put my girls to bed.  Sure it closes at 10pm but we made it there at 940pm.  20 minutes BEFORE closing!  As soon as we get in the store, the announcements started... our store will be closing in 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes..... or store is  now CLOSED!  and at 10pm on the dot, the LIGHTS began to turn OFF! No joke.  We were NOT the only ones left shopping in the store.  There were 2 other people after us that got to the check out lane.
How ridiculous is that?  My thought is, if you have shoppers in the store AFTER closing.... so what!  The longer I am in the store the more likely I am to SPEND more money!  I am really thinking I need to call the Corporate office... That is so NOT the way to run a business.  Ridiculous. PLUS as we were checking out the little kid (ya I can call him that because he looked like he was about 16 MAYBE) he had his boxers hanging out the top of his pants and his tshirt didn't even hit the top of his pants. GROSS!  something I didn't wanna see.
Do you think I am being a little harsh or do you think that is Not a way to run a business????

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Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, February 18, 2011

25 and counting

I was having a pity party not that long ago. because I had LOST followers here on my blog. 

Now within the last few weeks my followers have gone up and hit a mark......

That's right... 25 followers!  I am SO Happy.  No seriously, I am.  I LOVE my followers.  Thanks to all of you who LIKE ME!  

(after writing this post I looked and I NOW have 26 followers!)

Friday Confessional

I Confess that RAIN is not my friend today.

I Confess that I STILL have a fear of dentists (even after my "wonderful" trip last friday to have a tooth pulled)

I Confess I am SOOO glad that today is the last day to take my NASTY medicine for my abscessed tooth.

I Confess I am missing my marine just a little.

 I Confess  although I have lost 5 lbs since I had my tooth pulled, I still can't fit into a lot of my clothes, dang it!

I Confess  that I can't wait for warmer weather, but NOT looking forward to the HEAT of the desert

Thanks for letting me CONFESS ... I feel so much better now ;)

Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where was that?

Here is MY Wordless Wednesday

Gotta find the right ones

My little 2 year old LOVES shoes! She has from day one.  Yesterday I was helping one of my daughters with something and I hear my little 2 year old SCREAM.  That is her NEW "thing"! She IS 2 and I guess thinks but SCREAMING I will listen to her more or she will get what she wants. I came around the corner to find this....

 (Notice the EMPTY drawer next to her and the PILE of shoes)

I asked her what was wrong and she looks up and me and says....
Momma I trying to find shoes.  I can't put it on. HELP ME.

 We got her shoes on (the RIGHT feet.... after I took pictures of course)  and then I went back to help my other daughter.  I came back to the hallway to find this happening....

She put every shoes Back in the drawer..... and I didn't even ask her to do it!  Such a proud mommy moment!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How did I spend my afternoon???

Doing this....

 SCIENCE FAIR projects are the DEVIL!  I swear, it is a punishment for the parents.  WE end up doing most of it.  Case in point "I" was the one who printed off ALL the junk we then cut and mounting on cardstock and then glued to the board. Oh ya, "I" was the one who did that.  My daughter, bless her heart, just sat and watch me... oh and made  it look like she helped, when I was taking the picture.


she DID make this Human Heart model, ALL BY HERSELF!  pretty amazing if I do say so myself!  My budding artist :)
I am SOOO glad to be DONE with this thing.  2 down... 2 more to go! (I am talking SF projects that is)

Honestly I don't care if she wins, she did a great job and I am proud of her (isn't that what a "good mom" says?)