Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday to my sweet Sydney Nicol .  

 It is so hard to believe that she is now a YOUNG WOMEN!  (it makes me feel REALLY OLD!!!)

Of course the day started out with all things decorated.  My girls love that.  I TRY to do things differently every year. This year I added more streamers. 

 Plus I made her a new BIRTHDAY SHIRT. 

 I picked up all the girls early today.  Sydney and Kelsee had dentist appointments. I know, weird to have a dentist appt. BUT Sydney was the one to ok it for today. They got sealants put on their molars, so no big deal.
After the dentist we headed over to Wally world to pick our Sydney’s cake. OF COURSE she picked the JUSTIN BIEBER one.  She totally has BIEBER FEVER!  So it was PERFECT for her.  We walked past the jewelry department and I mentioned to Syd, Hey were you still wanting to get your ears pierced?  OH MAN!  She was wanted to get them done 3 days before her birthday. (Haylee got hers done 2 days before and Syd wanted to “beat” her)  So she picked out her earrings and got them pierced. She was such a brave girl.

The afternoon was spent playing with sisters and making dinner. Syd is so cute. She LOVES to help cook and she was right in the kitchen helping to cut potatoes.  We had Sydney’s favorite dinner of Ham and mashed potatoes.   After dinner we opened presents and sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY and had cake. 

 Sydney told her daddy he had BIEBER FEVER and that he LOVED BIEBER and this is what she got…..

The day and night was full of LOTS of laughs and hugs and kisses.  I am a lucky mommy to have such an AMAZING daughter!  We LOVE you Sydney! And are SOOOO proud of the young lady you’ve become. Until next year….

Sunday, March 4, 2012

So I did a LITTLE shopping this week

This past week was AH-SOME!  There was deal after deal.  I just couldn’t help myself.  I couldn’t pass the deals up. Most of the things I will use and others I will donate.
(these are just 2 of my shopping trips)
I started out the week with Register Rewards to use at Walgreens. In this 1 transaction I paid $7.58 for these items and got $16.50 back in Register Rewards. 

 All the items in this transaction popped out a Register Reward. You can’t beat that!
Yes I am a Walgreens ADDICT!  Especially when they have good deals 

I also went to RiteAid. I was about $40 away from hitting my $100 on items to get a $20 +up Reward. They had some great deals this week to.  I got everything in this transaction for $42 for all the stuff pictured. YES I could've done it cheaper by splitting up transactions, but I didn't have much time (or patience with the cashier)  I scored and got $44 back in +up rewards... Yes I DID make the $100 mark. I love that they figure out BEFORE coupons.

so when people ask me, is it worth it to coupon shop and go from store to store.... for me, it is!

My girls

My girls are the best!  I am such a lucky mommy. It is NOT very often that I get to take pictures of them.  Here are a few recent picture of my girls

This is me with my #3 daughter.

 Yes I DO have another daughter... my oldest, but ya know she is a "teenager" no pictures of her a loud!(according to her) LOL

ALL Free!

Once in a blue moon you score a deal above all deals... well, the other day I went to  Target to use a few coupons that were expiring before the 1st. I stumbled upon these "trial size" bags of IAMS cat food (YES, we DO have a cat. I am NOT one of those people who use a coupon, just because.)  The bags were $3.00 each and I had 7 $3.00 off coupons.PLUS there were coupons inside each of the bags. I also got a pack of gum.  I used a $1.00 off UP2U gum along with a .55 cent off Target coupon. SOOOOOO.... When all was said and done, I paid the TAX on 7 bags of cat food and  a pack of gum.

Here is a little picture of my "loot"