Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ok so getting up so early isn't always bad

So EVERY MORNING (during the week) I get up at 6am to get my daughter up and ready for middle school... oh the joys!  Yes it starts at 7:11 am- it is a VERY Early start!  

So every morning as I drive her to school I am just about blinded by the sun.  I have thought many times, I Wish I had my camera... well this morning I did.  And her is the Beautiful sight I see every morning...

See what I mean?  Ok so 29 Palms isn't so bad... oh wait it is... it's the sunrise that makes it worth it!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a week....

It has certainly been a heck of a week.  Time seems to be flying by and no sign of it SLOWING DOWN at all!

I haven't heard much from my Marine, other than an email here and there that is Literally 2 sentences long.  I am so looking forward to NO MORE emails and being able to actually carry on a conversation in person with him.  There has been NO emotion or feeling in his emails.  Just the tell the girls I miss them and love them.  And the  I will be home soon stuff. 

I had ANOTHER Drs appt on Tues.  I just haven't felt like myself.  I have HypoThyroidism (I think that's the one) and I take medication everyday to help.  Well I had my most recent bloodwork done on Sept 3.  I have YET to receive the results from that.  I have called 3 times and left messages 3 times for my PCM.  Thank you Naval Hospital for being so on top of things.... NOT!  I have all the signs that the meds NOT working right.  COMPLETELY exhausted ALL THE TIME!  Loosing my hair by the handfuls just to name 2 of them.  SO- I go in to see the doctor.  I tell him that my back is STILL hurting and I just am not feeling good.  I asked about the results to my test and he goes to check on them.  When he comes back in he starts to ask me the normal questions... How many kids do you have? Do you work? Is your husband home or deployed? etc.  Then he tells me that my Thyroid level is only at a 2. something and last time (in Feb) it was at a 4.25.... AH HELLO!  Yes it is totally OFF!  And what does the Dr. chalk it up to??? Wait for it... Wait for it.....
Yup! that's right my thyroid is off because of stress.  HE WOULDN'T change my dosage and wants me to wait til 2 months after my Marine gets back to get my bloodwork done again.... til things get back to "normal". I was so mad.  I actually broke down right there and cried. And all the Dr says to me is "it's good to cry. I think you need to call a friend or someone to TALK to them.  Or just pick up your baby and she can give you a hug and a kiss and make it ALL better" Well my girls are the reason why I don't lay in bed all day dude!  I mean SERIOUSLY!

Anyways, the rest of the week flew by staying busy with school stuff and just not feeling good.  We had planned to go back down to Camp Pendleton this weekend to go to the beach.... and so I was a good mommy and kept those plans, even though I felt HORRIBLE!  I even let Haylee (my oldest) bring along her friend, that I might as well call my own since she practically LIVES here!  She is ALWAYS here! Well that was a REALLY BAD choice!  Other than the drive down to Pendleton, that took 4 hours... THANK YOU traffic!  The rest of the time was argument and the silent treatment by this friend to Haylee.  She is one of those kids that can get on your nerves easy.  And she is NEVER wrong... according to her.  She is just brutal when it comes to fighting.  She talked about my daughter, Haylee,  to my other daughter, while Haylee was sitting right there. I finally said to her last night  "are you really that upset about a certain situation?" And what do I get?  She COMPLETELY ignores me and says NOTHING!  WOW!  I have done more for this little girl and I get to be treated like crap?  She came along and didn't help pay for any of her food.  Oh and then she tells me "we don't eat out at fast food."  I will tell you what... that is the LAST TIME she goes ANYWHERE with us.  Never again!  And when we dropped her off and home today not even a Thank you for letting me go or anything.
OH! and wait it only gets better.  My baby started running a fever.  But me, being the long time mom, thought it was her teeth coming in.  I gave her medicine and as soon as it kicked in her fever went away and she was back to her happy self.  Until last night at dinner she wouldn't move her head or neck.  It scared me... I thought she might have an ear infection that was paralyzing her.  I had no idea. So as soon as dinner was done we headed to the Naval Hospital ER, yes with 5 kids, by MYSELF! (I know I am crazy!)  Her fever was 102.8 and they were really worried when the triaged her that it might be meningitis, so they took her right back and within 10 minutes the doctor came in to see us.  They put us in an isolation room.  After a brief check of her the doctor felt her neck and then checked her throat.... STREP!  What?  She isn't even 2 yrs old.  But LUCKILY that is all it was and now after 3 doses of medicine she is back to her happy self and doing MUCH better.  
So I am hoping to get some SLEEP tonite, because I feel like I am already coming down with strep. Oh the joys.
Thanks for listening to my rants and my LOVELY week.  Hoping this week will be MUCH better!     

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to our daddy


Happy Birthday to the best Daddy, husband and Marine around!


(I couldn't figure out which video was cuter... so I just posted them both.  Isn't she the cutest?)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

just Blah!

This weekend has gone by too quickly that is FOR SURE!

Yesterday was FULL of cleaning house.  I have hit that wall of OK IT'S TIME TO GET IN GEAR AND CLEAN AND DO ALL THOSE THINGS I SHOULD'VE DONE ALL DEPLOYMENT LONG.....
I am SHOCKED that we have hit the last leg of this deployment.  I think that last is the hardest!

Anyways, I divided the chores between my girls... knowing full well that MY list of TO DO's was WAY longer than theirs (as it ALWAYS is!)  I have a REALLY bad habit of getting sidetracked.  I am CERTAIN I am the ONLY one who does, right? (it's ok to admit that you do it to.... come on, I REALLY don't want to be alone on this one)  I started in the kitchen, like normal... made my way to the livingroom to change a diaper, even BEFORE I was done with the kitchen.. oh! and since I was in the livingroom I might as well fold the load of laundry sitting there. So I did. Then Kelsee (#3) needed some HELP getting started in the playroom.  Well there goes another hour & a half!  Then it was time for another load of laundry, then lunch, then back to the grind of cleaning. Oh then a nap for the baby. Then another load of laundry. Then had to run to the commissary to get that 1 thing I needed to finish dinner. An hour and a half later home and making dinner, putting away all the groceries (because I can NEVER go for just that 1 thing I really needed) Then bath time for the girls, and time for me to stop and take a breath.  And oh ya... all of this with my Back KILLING ME! I hurt it (again) last weekend when I fell carrying a twinsize mattress out to my yard sale.  You guessed it... flat on my back on the hard driveway with the mattress landing on top of me.  I have never hurt so bad.  I just have to NOT think about it! I am a MOM and right now a SINGLE MOM at that.  I can't just lay on the couch (although I REALLY want to) so by the end of my day yesterday I was toast!  I sat on my Marines recliner and looked around my house.  Really?  What had been accomplished today? My girls were fed, bathed and Alive.  My house, yet again, will have to wait.
So that was yesterday.  Today has been one of those BLAH days.  Because I WAY OVERDID it yesterday, Church was out of the question for us today.  There was No way I was going to be able to sit for 3 hours, let alone deal with my baby crying because she doesn't like nursery. I needed to rest, to take a break, to recoop and HOPEFULLY feel better. We started off good. I slept in until about 8:45am. Then we all sat at the kitchen table and read our scriptures. (I figured since we missed church reading double would be a good idea) 
But as the day wore on that was not going to happen either.  I have just been BLAH all day.  I kinda feel like I have NO emotion in me.  If you are a military wife, you understand. There comes a point when you are just DONE.  I am there.  I need a BREAK.  Not that I don't love my girls, because I am crazy about them. I just need a little bit to rejuvenate myself.  I feel so worn down. What will it take to get the pep back in my step?  I will have to think of something.... because I certainly don't like feeling like this

I know I have blogged about this kind of stuff before, sorry for that. But This is the best sounding board I have right now.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My toothless wonder

My Sydney LOVES to pull out her teeth.  I think sometimes it is a sick fixation she has.  Really. Or maybe its that she LOVES the money that the toothfairy bring her. (shhh don’t tell her I said that) 

 Twice now she has pulled out 2 teeth in the same day.  She is now missing 4 of her top teeth.  She recently lost 2 in 1 day which accounted for tooth #15 and #16.

(this is right after she had pulled out tooth #15 and #16 was loose)
Then she pulled out #16
and now her mouth looks like this..
one side
the other side
and the front view....
My toothless wonder!

They grow up too quick!

My sweet girls are growing in Leaps in bounds! 

I have really TRIED hard to soak in all the little moments with my girls.  The laughing, the crying, the playing games and using their imaginations.
(isn't she a cutie?)
My “little” girl, who is ALMOST 2 (Nov 3) starting counting yesterday.  She can count (all by herself) from 1 to 3 then she needs help with 4 and then goes, 5 through 9 all by herself.  She has made her momma proud!  She isn’t even 2.  She is learning her letters.  Loves colors, especially BLUE… yes she is MY daughter, I have taught her well.  She is a smart little cookie, as are all my girls. 

I sit back somedays and just watch my girls and think to myself… it is so sad that their daddy is missing all THIS.  But soon we will be able to Share in all THIS good stuff with him HOME!

Friday, September 17, 2010

We Miss You Daddy

It's a good thing that we have these.....
to look at while he's gone.

 (don't pay any attention to my Double chin LOL)

My girls have been missing their daddy.  We can't wait til he's HOME..... 6 1/2 month down only a little longer to go.

Outlaws.. I mean InLaws

Ya know this deployment has gone by REALLY fast.  Maybe it’s because it was during the spring. Getting outta school, summer, school starting time. Who knows.  I do know this though. I am looking forward to spending time with my Marine when he gets home.  The last 3 emails he has sent to me he has said “don’t plan on doing anything or going anywhere for awhile when I get home! I plan on just being HOME!”
 Well I sure hope that means NOT going to visit HIS family either!  I swear at this point I could never hear from them again and be ok.  I have blogged about them before. And I know that is NOT Christ-like AT ALL to be mean or think bad thoughts about someone or many someone’s!  I know I shouldn’t feel like that but I do. You know my Marine and I have been together going on 19 years in November (YA that IS a LONG time!) I would think by now they would get the picture that I am here to STAY!  I have dealt with way too much crap from them.  This deployment is NO different EXCEPT they have not even contacted us, except by text 1 time.  My SIL text me to tell me that she was FINALLY going through the temple. and 1 message on my Marine's Facebook page. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Out of my Marine’s whole family (1 brother and 4 sisters) we (my Marine and I) are active and then 2 SILs. But I tell you what you live what you are exposed to.  My Inlaws are divorced and have been since my Marine was a teenager.  My BIL is married. My oldest SILwho is a member, just got divorced- we learned of that through the family blog they have. The 2nd SIL (the one mentioned above) is the one who is almost 31  is active and just went through the temple, she’s NOT married.  The 3rd SIL has been married and divorced and married again.  The 4th SIL has been married and divorced, from the SAME GUY, and then they got married again.  Definitely NOT people that have their priorities straight.  They are SO totally different than MY family.  How I grew up.  It is NOT a situation that I was MY girls to be around.  Am I wrong by that? 
When my Marine deployed right after we got back here to CA, I went ABOVE and BEYOND and went to visit them time and time again.  Driving the 5 hours to see them. To make sure that my girls knew them and had a relationship with all of them. NOT 1 time did they EVER come to visit us. They ONLY time they have come out here is when my stepdaughter graduated from high school.  They did not come to see us, just her, and my older 2 girls realize it. 
I have blocked them from my Facebook page.. wrong?  Probably but it seems to me they just don’t care about US. I am tired of putting myself and my girls out there and being hurt OVER AND OVER again!  This deployment has been great. Spending time with MY family.  Traveling to Utah and just being US. Not having to worry about the ILs and making time for them. And it hasn’t seemed to bother them either.  Birthday’s have come and gone for my girls and not even so much as a phone call.  I get it 44 cents for a stamp to mail a Birthday card is TOO much! I just don’t get it.  This is how it has ALWAYS been with them.
But the straw that broke the camels back, in which is the reason for this blog is. This morning as I was blog hopping. I checked out their family blog.  My 2nd SIL is really the ONLY one who ever posts stuff on there. Anyways she posts this:
Mia was baptized tonight! It was kind of a family affair... Mom made her baptism dress, and some awesome treats (that were the first to go by the way - go figure!), I got to speak on baptism, and Morgan sang. She had family, friends, and members from two wards who came out to support her! It was awesome... :D   

  To some of you, that might not seem like a big deal But in their family where only my SIL and the mom of “MIA” are members. WHY? Why did you not let us know?  It is sad that a baptism is NOT important enough to have FAMILY there. OH wait FAMILY was there…but WE were not… are we NOT considered FAMILY?  Apparently not.  That is definitely the last straw for me.  I sure hope when my Marine gets home he can see it too. Oh but then they will play the “we are so proud of our Marine son/brother who just came back from war” Ya right! 
I could go on and on about this.  I feel a little better getting it off my chest. Thanks for those of you that listened.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So it is that time again.  I missed out last month on DOUBLE COUPON day because I was in Utah “playing” (ok so it was more like I COULDN’T come home because I had thrown my back out) WELL.. I sure made up for missing out last month yesterday!

I have gotten SO behind on cutting my coupons and sorting them.  I stayed up til just about 2am Monday morning cutting, sorting and organizing. Knowing full well that my alarm was going to go off at 6am to get my oldest up and off to Jr High and THAT would be the start of my day. No nap.. no rest for the weary shopper.  

Sydney (#2 Daughter) stayed home from school again yesterday.  She has been sick for a week now. I am KINDA glad she was home.  It was nice to have her help out with the baby so I could focus and get the shopping DONE!

So here are my totals:
1st trip $311.72 and I paid $53.92 – 17% of my total
2nd trip $326.11 and I paid $61.30 - 19% of my total
3rd trip $112.66 and I paid $26.73 – 23% of the total (but the cashier was Dumb and overcharged me by $11.74.  I TRIED to correct her mistake as she was checking me out but she got all huffy and told me she KNEW what she was doing! Are you kidding? I have been doing this for YEARS now. I could do her job for her and be done WAY quicker too. So after 3 trips back to the 7 day store, and waiting over and hour, The “remedy” they gave me was NOT a refund of my money but a GIFT CARD of $10.  The management (of who  was a Ssgt.) said they only came up with an $8 mistake, NOT the total that I had. I  mean come on I KNOW how much I pay for something... down to the PENNY! WHATEVER
Sorry- I will step down off my soapbox now.
4th trip (was actually my oldest daughters doing) $53.19 and she paid $1.19 - .02% of total
5th trip $159.02 and I paid $22.49 – 14% of my total
And 6th trip was $72.22 and my total was $3.64 - .05% of my total
$1034.92 and I paid $169.27 for a total of just 16% of my total.
And for that this is all the “STUFF” I got (It couldn't even ALL fit on my kitchen table!)

My girls were VERY excited about all the "treats" I got this time! (and my brother is gonna LOVE all the Dr. Pepper's I got for 0.39 each)

FREE Laundry detergent
FREE pens
FREE Razors
FREE Air Wick air freshners
FREE candy
FREE gum

Our Day at the Beach

So I am a LITTLE slow at posting this one…. Labor Day weekend when we made the trek to Camp Pendleton to see friends.. we also went to the beach.  YES it was FREEZING and YES my girls STILL went in the water.. well they put their feet in.  My baby girl was a little unsure of the sand at first

But after watching big sisters play in it, she was ok and even started to throw it (oh the joys of sand in the hair... YUCK!)

Here are some fun pictures of my girls playing in the water, collecting shells, and TRYING to build a sandcastle.
I even got some pictures with my girls 1 on 1 (that hardly EVER happens.. I am always taking the pictures J
The water was FREEZING!
Delaney LOVED watching her sisters in the water.
(Kelsee didn't want to get her pants wet)

 Me the MEAN mommy didn’t let them stay to long. My baby girls lips were turning blue. It was VERY windy and It was only 64 degrees out and we STILL had to make the LONG trek back to the NASTY desert of 29 Palms. When we got back to 29 it was 106 degrees and my girls said. Hey mom can we just go back to Pendelton? I WISH!