Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So I went bowling today!

So I have found out that 1 perk with living here in the crap desert (really cuz that is what it is) is there is FREE bowling Mon, Wed and Fri from 11am-1pm. All you have to pay for is shoes rental which is $1.50. You can bowl as many games as you want in that time frame.
Well after feel cooped up in my casa, I talked my neighbor, Kris, don't worry she is a girl. Into going with me today. We had a total blast. So I have a confession- I kicked her trash! I bowled WAYYYYY better than her, but we had fun. We were I think the only civilians in the place. There was a bowling alley FULL of Marines in cammies and then US. It was fun to watch these "Boys" huck the balls down the lanes, with no real technique and get strikes! What the crap? I only got 1 strike the first game. The guys next to us probably even put dents in the floor from dropping the ball so many times, but the result? STRIKE. I don't get it.

So my scores for the day....... drumroll please........

140 125 and the best 165! Yay Me!

Oh you bet I am planning on going again on Friday- anyone wanna come along? I would LOVE the company.

I wish I had some excellent pictures to post- but I am not that cool. Maybe next time.
Just wanted to share my exciting life...... well what it can be out here in this craphole, they call 29 palms. No really- can you tell it is NOT my favorite place?????

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My baby's eating CEREAL

Delaney started eating rice cereal on Sunday, April 19th. She is already 5 1/2 months old. She LOVES the cereal. I figured she was really ready to eat when her daddy gave her a french fry and she sucked on it. She is already drinking from a regular water bottle and has figured out this eating thing pretty quick. What a big girl.

I had to throw in some of the funny faces that she makes too.

Her first bites of food. Sydney was holding her. Who needs a highchair??

What can a little bit of change get you?

No joke. Anyone who knows me know I LOVE TO COUPON SHOP. Well I found a little gem after moving here to the nasty desert. They have DOUBLE coupon day once a month on a monday.
You betcha I AM THERE on that monday coupons in hand ready to SAVE!
This month I saved a TON. I hit the big PX (the store on base like Target) The 7 day store (like 711) and then back again for more deals.
I got this at my trip to the 7 day store. Anyone wanna take a guess at home much I paid for these items pictured? I will tell you I SAVED over $27. Any Guesses???? Anyone?????
Ok You give up- I SPENT 35 cents I am NOT joking. I have the receipt to prove it. I was so proud of myself!
I have since given the candy to my girls, used a whole bottle of Tylenol, and the Oust to help take away the yuck from my house! Oh yeah- the bandaids don't last very long in our house either. And you ALWAYS need razors.
So I am already plotting next months trip in SAVING!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter pictures April 2009

Sydney counting her eggs out. She got the most at 48 eggs. Kelsee got the most money at $4.29. Haylee was a great sport.

Delaney is the basket of eggs. I love her grin!

Spring Break- The Best Week EVER! No really

The shark tank

My girls in the stingray exhibit

Daddy and Kelsee

The one and only picture of me at Sea World. Why am I always the one taking the pictures???

A really cool tree

Spring Break... A whole week off of school. Usually it is the longest week ever! Trying to find things to entertain the girls can be a pain, especially here in the desert where there is NOTHING to do, except shopping, an hour plus away!

This past week was full of change and family fun! I honestly couldn't have asked for a better week. Last week, monday to be exact, my stepdaughter came and told my hubby, she was really leaving. Moving out! I thought this was going to be a horrible thing for my hubby and he wasnt going to be very happy. Well I was wrong. He has been a trooper. I honestly couldnt have asked for a better husband! (sorry with all the exclamation points- I love them!!!!!!)

Tuesday morning Matthew (remember thats the hubby's name) asked if we wanted to go bowling! Heck ya I do. But wait- he can't stand bowling, WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY HUSBAND????? We did go and had an awesome time. Haylee Sydney and Kelsee all got spares. They did so good. Matthew did good too, OK so not as good as me, but I was on a league for over 6 years. We are even planning to go again this week.

Wednesday came and Curstian moved out. Matthew didnt lift a finger to help with the move. He said it is her decision, she can do it herself! I was so proud. The rest of Wed. was spent switching Sydney into her "new" room. Sydney and her daddy cleaned the room and set it all up. We had a family movie nite and watched Bedtime Stories and all sacked out in the livingroom for a sleepover, my girls favorite thing to do with their daddy.

Thursday we headed off to Sea World for the day. What a blast- a LONG drive but so worth it. We got a drawing done of Kelsee and the girls got their faces painted. Haylee got hearts. Sydney was a cat and Kelsee a kitten. We saw Shamu, the sharks, Sesame Street 4D, the stingrays, the horses, and tried watching the dog show but there wasnt a single seat left. It was a great time. Wish we lived closer so we could get year passes again.

We had a great Easter too! We colored eggs, well I held Delaney and daddy colored eggs with the girls. We had and Easter egg hunt, more like pick up the eggs off the grass (we dont have alot of places to "hide" eggs) the traditional Easter dinner and more spending time together and enjoying our girls.

But now school is back in and its just Matthew, Delaney and I at home again. Lots to do on the TO DO LIST before Matthew leaves for 7 weeks for School at the end of the month.

I am the luckiest mommy and wife around.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Wow does life love to throw you curve balls when you aren't looking!

Wow! That is all I can say right now..... This past weekend was so spiritual, I truly enjoyed General conference. Ok I will be honest- I watched about and hour of the first session sat. BUT I watched both sessions yesterday, WITHOUT falling asleep. We had the girls watch both sessions with us.... yes we are just that mean. Well this was the result......


Haylee and Sydney
They were asleep within 20 minutes of the 2nd session starting. Hey it was quiet and they slept for about 45 minutes.

After my spiritual high yesterday- I felt like i could conquer the world and take care of my family in the meantime. Well Today started out decent. I took Haylee Sydney and Delaney with me and ventured to Wally world to buy NEW bikes for the girls. We were gone for a few hours, when I got back home I was greeted by Kelsee who was so excited to get her bike and a great hubby who unloaded all the "goods" from the excursion.

After about an hour or so sitting nursing my sweet baby, my hubby, was watching tv. He looked up and said -Well she's decided to leave. She, being Curstian, my stepdaughter, for those who don't know. She dropped this BOMB on me about 6 weeks ago that she is now 18 and wants to be an "adult" so she is going to move out and move in with a friend, who up until that point had never heard her talk about. Well that isn't much for being an adult. That is just moving out and having someone elses mommy take care of you! She was asked by my hubby, her dad, to stick around until he got home from Iraq before she left. Well she gave him 2 WEEKS of being home.

I am taking this WAY TO PERSONAL I have decided. If HE being the DAD of this child can be OK with it- then I should be too. I just am tired of being taken advantage of and being munipulated. Well not me, more like the hubby, I KNOW THE GAME SHE PLAYS!

Well- so here we are she is leaving Wednesday morning at 9am. Oh wait! But then she will be back Thurs to go on our FAMILY trip to visit family in Simi and then to Sea World. Who wouldn't want a FREE ride??? She doesnt want to be here and be a part of us but when it comes to FREE things- she is ALL game!

**sorry for the soapbox- it has just gotten to be too much for me and needed to vent.... result BLOG IT! Right Jules??**

No One Said it would be easy- it just will be worth it in the end????? Right. I am waiting for that time, for it to all be worth it.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Can't Leave Sydney out!

I can't do a Blog entry about all my girls and leave Sydney out!

Syd is 1 smart cookie! She is a great reader, good helper, an excellent student and a good friend. She brightens our days......

with her smile.

Haylee's 11th Birthday! So it's a LITTLE LATE!

**Ok so I am catching up on my blog entries, with my computer crashing on Haylee's birthday, the day Matthew got home. I have just figured out my new one and how to add pictures**

Haylee turned 11 years old on MARCH 23rd 2009.... the day her daddy came home from Iraq.

She said that the only present she wanted was her daddy coming home, well he did, just a little bit late.

She has grown up so fast and becoming a beautiful young women. She loves, purple and black. She still, kinda, likes Hannah Montana. She loves reading the teenie bopper magazines. She loves listening to music and playing with her friends and sisters. She is the BEST big sister EVER! She is my best helper and I am so grateful for her. We are blessed to have her in our family.

Haylee is such a great example to those around her. Poor girl is just like her mommy and feels the weight of the world on her shoulders. She has a testimony of the gospel. She loves to read the scriptures. She is looking foward to having her OWN room SOON and not having to Share with Syd anymore.

For Haylee's Birthday, she picked her friend, Victoria, to come with us to Mikey D's for dinner. Then she wanted a Big Chocolate Chip Cookie cake (thanks Aunt Jules, your recipe is AWESOME!) It was a great day for her.


Haylee PASSED!

Haylee Passed!!!! I knew she would.

Haylee had a 1 mile run at school, as do ALL 5th graders in California. She has asthma and is on an inhaler. She has struggled with running for a long time. She has practiced daily, running the mile. She was so discouraged that she wouldn't pass. She has a hard time breathing thru it. She had been running it at about a 13 minute mile. Well- after having MANY issues with the PE teacher being rude and not allowing extra time to run, for those who have asthma.... I told Haylee I would be there to watch her run.

So the time came and I was there on the sidelines, cheering her on. The ONLY parent I might add. She took of like lightning and then started to slow, I yelled COME ON HAYLEE YOU CAN DO IT! a little smile came across her face and she picked up the pace. She tried her hardest and kept going. Everytime she would come to a walking pace, I would say again, COME ON HAYLEE YOU CAN DO IT! Yet again, the smiles and then she picked up the pace.

When she crossed that finish line, IN FRONT of MANY of the other kids in her class I might add, she PASSED! with a 10 minute 50 second Mile. She needed to have UNDER 12 minutes.

The JOY on her face and how proud she was of herself- it was so worth being there. She crossed the finish line and came and hugged me. Then I handed her my phone and she called her daddy, who congratulated her and said- SEE I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU.

She then got congrats from the PE teacher as well as her regular teacher.

**1 sidenote, she then ran the mile again with her friend Victoria, who wasnt there the day they ran. **

Where has the time gone??

Where has the time gone???

My BABY is 5 months old already. She is growing in leaps and bounds (not in SIZE though- she is still wearing 0-3 month onesies and only in size 2 diapers and in 3-6 months clothes, that are still big on her at times) anyways, I digress AGAIN. I am sure you are used to that though....

Delaney is such a happy baby. She has truly brought joy to my life and the life of all those who see her. My neighbor says that she has to get her baby fix when she see's Delaney. Her hubby wont let her have another one.

Delaney's accomplishments up til now are...... she can roll over, both front to back and back to front. She giggles. She smiles. She has Awesome blowouts and LOVES to nurse!

she loves to sleep in her crib, on her daddy's chest, on the livingroom floor, in her carseat... you name it! She has the cutest little red headed mowhawks, thanks to big sis Kelsee.

What else can I say about her???? I LOVE HER! Just had to share.

Kelsee's Spring Concert

Oh My HECK! How cute is she??

This is Kelsee at her Kindergarten Spring Concert singing in all her glory! ... She was a "sun". They sang all sorts of fun little songs..... starting off with The Marine's Hymn... only fitting that MOST of the kids that go to the school are kids of Marines.

I hope you love it!