Sunday, July 31, 2011

The terrible 2's

So this is what happens when it’s a little too quiet and a 2 year old is alone with baby powder
 (I know you are jealous of the 70's carpet huh?)

 (she even got it all over here.  AND it was only a travel size, mini bottle.  Imagine what the mess would be with the big bottle?)
and this was her sad face when she realized she was in trouble....

And how about markers? 

 and her sad face.... again
(yes that's a tear)
and then I told her I wasn't mad....

oh and what about scissors…. yes she has done it.... she cut her own hair and now all 4 of my little beauties have done it. let's hope it grows out quick.

My little angel has hit the Terrible 2 stage… getting into anything and EVERYTHING she can and making a mess (or really disaster) of it all!

I hope this stage passes quickly.  This mama is getting tired


I am in need of an overhaul!  I am getting so tired of my blog being BLAH.  I follow some many blogs that I love the layout and they way it is put together.  I am not too into computers and figuring out how things work.

Is there anyone out there that would be willing to overhaul my blog for me???? Pretty please. I would be oh so grateful.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The run around

This whole fractured wrist thing is totally for the birds….
**Note to self…. Next time (if there IS one) you fracture your wrist, do it while you are close to a Naval Hospital and you can just get it taken care of without having to jump through hoops and get the run around with Tricare (TriWest) and having them DENY your claim to see an Ortho doc to get a cast on.
This has been I think the most stressful week.  Not only have I had to deal with this fractured wrist, in a sling, 

But I have also had to deal with MORE phone calls and paperwork for “our” house.  We have sent it to another mortgage broker and  all is looking good.  We are at a week now that they have had the papers. So I am hopeful that all will work out. 
Problem is in all this, my marine has NO comprehension all the CRAP I have been through.  He doesn’t seem to think it is a big deal for me to pack up the 4 girlies and head 189 miles down the road BACK to 29 palms to get the cast put on my arm, oh that BY THE WAY is in a SLING!  Ya. Cuz that is safe.  Driving on California freeways, stop and go traffic, with 1 hand. NOT a good idea…. I’m just saying.  He was like “well driving down there and spending the money for gas ($190 at least) is better than paying the $384 out of pocket for the ortho visit.”  My reply… I don’t think so, but whatever you say.  Well needless to say I went against his wishes and stayed here and my brother helped me pay the money for the Ortho dr. here.  I am now the proud owner of this new fandangled  “cast”

(check out my fingers.. they are still swollen.... even after 4 days)
 it was like a neoprene glove they heated up at first.  I slipped my hand in it (which was OH SO PAINFUL) and then they molded it to my wrist/hand.  It got hard and is now my waterproof cast.  AWESOME!  I don’t have to go 4 weeks without a shower. (and YES that was a real concern of mine)  I went with this instead of a fiberglass cast for a few reasons… the waterproof thing, I wouldn’t have to come back for another visit to have them cut this off (I can remove it myself at anytime) and it is more lightweight and I can use my fingers too. 
So we will see if my marine even cares or asks about what I did.  He hasn’t seem to care this week.  Has not called to check to see how I was doing at all.  I have called and told him, the latest info on the run around with Triwest and all.  (can you tell I am a LITTLE grouchy?)  I wish sometimes all I had to worry about was ME. Must be really nice to be him! ALONE for the past 3 ½ months with no kiddos to worry about. Oh that’s right, it’s all MY worry and concern. It’s MY job to do that.
Ok my rant is over.  Maybe it’s the pain getting to me.  Time to take some vicodin and go to bed.

Military Spouse fill-in Friday

1. Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook -- I wouldn’t have a clue how to use Twitter but I do have Facebook page and I check it REGULARLY.

2. Hard tacos or soft tacos?
I prefer hard tacos, but I will eat them both

3. Gardening or crafting?
I love to garden.  I am looking forward to owning our OWN home so  I can have a REAL garden of my own.  But I also love to craft. It’s a thing my girls and I do together

4. Fruit or vegetables?
I love fruit.  But I could also go for some yummy corn on the cob, cucumbers or green beans too.

5. Motorcycle or bicycle?
Although my marine has owned a motorcycle for over 10 years, I have only ridden on it 2 times. (sad I know) I have owned a bicycle of my own for YEARS now and have only ridden it a handful of times myself. Maybe it’s time to put it to use

Thursday, July 28, 2011


So     this is what happens when you go bowling with 8 little kids….

 You stick on the boards, on your 1st approach, you basically go flying through the air, foul, and land with all your weight (let’s say 120lbs -ahem) on your hand/wrist on the oil.  The result, being humiliated in front of a bowling alley FULL of people, not to mention all the little kids laughing because you fell. Sitting out 2 frames because the pain is more than you can bear…. Fighting back the tears and “getting back on the horse” and finishing the game with a 118. (I even bowled 3 strikes and 2 spares) Then after leaving heading to the ER to get xrays, to find out that you fractured your wrist in 2 places.  Now THIS

(a lovely splint)
Is my new best friend, awaiting casting by an Ortho specialist.  Oh the joys.  You don’t realize how much you NEED 2 hands until you don’t have the use of 1 of them.  About now I am aching for a nice long hot shower!
This couldn’t have come at a worse time,  But I have realized EVERYTHING happens for a reason…. Maybe my reason was so that I would SLOW DOWN!  It  definitely has done that.  Having to have my oldest help me get dressed (not fun by the way... I SHOULD be able to do that myself).  I have never been 1 to ask for help--- until now.  It is taking some getting used to, that is for sure!

We Wanna know.... Link up


I am linking up with Queso and mamarazzi for this weeks We Wanna Know

{1} Who would you call if you had to get bailed out of jail?
That is a hard one….. I think it would be my husband.  He would give me grief for sure for ending up there but would be the most forgiving.

{2} If you were a superhero what would your hero name be?
Wonder Mom….. the mom who NEVER stops going.

{3} What do you think is one of your best qualities?
I think it would have to be my ability to find a deal and save our family  THOUSANDS of $$$$ every year!

{4} What song would you pick to be your own personal theme song?
Proud to be an American.  It truly is the theme song of my life.

{5} What celebrity do you think is most over rated
Can I say ALL of them?  9sure I can cuz it’s MY blog!!!)  I think that celebrities are WAY overrated.  There are many more important people who have sacrificed their lives and given of themselves who should be given the celebrity treatment.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

After 10 LONG weeks

After 10 LONG weeks of waiting for an answer to our ever daunting question…. When is our house going to close?  We got our answer today. 

Well at least NOT with a VA loan.  Although Bank of America has strung us along for the past 10 weeks just telling us we needed this paper or that bank statement or LES or  another credit report or OH take your name of this credit card or close this account etc etc etc. All along thinking we HAD the house. That is WOULD be ours in just a matter of time. Our hopes and dreams were SMASHED today when we were informed that the VA had denied us for a loan because of a “few late payments within the last 2 years” (this is what I was told today by my hubby) Thing is EVERYTHING is in MY name…. except for HIS truck, My truck. HIS motorcycle, and HIS 1 credit card. Let me break it down… His truck will be PAID OFF as of Sept 17th of this year (that is 2 more payments and we are DONE!) My truck has been paid on for almost 2 years and has NEVER been late! And His credit card is through our bank and has NEVER been late either.  I  would LOVE to know where they are coming up with “late payments” or are they just coming up with another excuse???  I am so tired of all the excuses. Problem is  if it REALLY WAS late payments within the last 2 years, that would have been on his credit report the 1st time and they knew about it 2 months ago. And there would have been NO REASON to string us along and get our hopes up.
Thing is my hubby Is now REALLY mad!  Not sure if it is all MY fault (since I am the sole taking care of getting the bills paid for….. well our WHOLE marriage.) or if he is realizing that HE is also responsible for the financial CRAP we have gone through in the past 14 years of marriage.  All that CRAP that I have somehow or another figured out how to pay for and pay off and fix on the measley military 1 income salary that he makes.  It will probably be a few days before I talk to my hubby again.  He needs TIME to blow off steam and get his head in the right spot before we will talk again.
I so want to call and chew out EVERY SINGLE ONE involved in our loan process.  It just isn’t FAIR!  Ya I said it. It just isn’t FAIR!  There are so many unanswered questions and Red flags throughout this whole process.  We SHOULD’VE changed the bank we were going through Long ago!  Or maybe it’s just the government is having to be so damn picky about VA loans because they have NO MONEY themselves and they can’t dole out anything they DON’T have!  Who knows.  All I do know is we are still HOMELESS after 10 weeks and we are no closer to being together as a family as we were 3 months ago.
Is there an EASY answer?  I sure hope there would be. But sadly there is not.  We have some choices about where we go from here. I just hope that before long it get figured out.
1 highlight of my day… after coming home from running errands with my girls. TRYING to get my mind of this CRAPOLA, my daddy came home with 2 balloons and a Gorgeous Rose for me.  To let me know that my parents love me and hoping for the best for our family. My sweet parents always know how to cheer a girl up!