Sunday, May 31, 2009

What can you get for a little over $90

Can can you get for a little over $90.00?????
All of this! On double coupon day. I was so proud of myself that I put it all together and took a picture to share.
enough stuff to fill an 18 gallon tote. Over $400 worth of stuff for only about $90

I love saving money! Anyone who knows me, knows that I am CHEAP! I love finding a deal and sharing it with others. So here it is.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The bestest friends

check out this cute video of my girls. They are the cutest friends.

I just thought I would add it instead of pictures! Enjoy

Friday, May 15, 2009

Beautifiying my walkway

So I got this brilliant idea... Have my girls paint the stepping stones up the walkway to our front door. They were doing the "WE'RE BORED! THERE IS NOTHING TO DO! WE WANNA GO TO THE POOL BUT DELANEY IS SLEEPING, SO OF COURSE WE CAN'T!" card. So this was my solution.
Can you read what that says??? If you can't, my lovely daughter Sydney at just a meer 9 years old wrote....
WHAT???? She's only 9. Man maybe I have said that to her a few too many times!

Kelsee wanted to make a pumpkin on hers but I told her that then I would have to take it out cuz it's not Halloween. So she made polka dots instead.

Haylee is trying to figure out herself right now. She is ever changing in her likes and dislikes. Her stone said "PEACE AND LOVE" on it. Where do these kids come from????

My girls! We had a good times playing and painting outside. Good times and good memories. Haylee and Sydney finished off their stones with their handprints, which was what my hope was to begin with =)
Now I will have to get Delaney out there one of these days and do hers. Like that will happen for a while......... knowing me, I will forget til we move!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Saying Goodbye to friends... is never an easy thing!

Sydney playing with Eli

Eric with Emma (5 wks younger than Delaney)
Chelsea with Delaney

Chelsea saying Goodbye to Delaney

Good friends just 5 weeks apart. Emma and Delaney

Kelsee's "bestest friend EVER!" (those are her words exactly)
**Funny sidenote- they both have booboo's. Kelsee's Shiner and Kylie bonked her nose.**

We said Goodbye last nite to our good friends, the Anderson's. Chelsea, Eric, Kylie, Eli and Emma.

We met in kindof a silly way here in 29 Palms.... at the commissary. We had just moved in and Matthew was gone at Mojave Viper (a training exercise) I had no idea where the church was a no phone book. OH! and no Internet... etc. We were coming out of the store as the Anderson van (with UTAH license plates) pulled in just a few cars down. I got up the nerve to ask- I have a weird question for you. Are you guys Mormon? They said Yup! How did you know. I told them that the Utah plate kinda tipped me off. We laughed and had been inseparable ever since.

Chelsea and I waited out our last few months of pregancy together. We both ended up with gestational diabetes. We loved going to to lunch together, spending time shopping and letting the kids play. Chelsea was even there in the delivery room with me when I had Delaney. She was the best! I am so grateful to have met a friend like her. Her hubby, Eric, even took work off to stay home and watch ALL the kids..... my 3 plus his 2. What a guy. Cool thing is he and Delaney share a birthday.

Kelsee and Kylie were the Bestest friends ever! and Sydney loved playing with Eli. We will really miss them. But in the Marine Corps, especially when you are LDS it's not Goodbye- you will run into them again, sometime, somewhere!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Really again????

Check out this shiner!


She had a Really big lump under her eye.....

Ok- so here is the story. Kelsee LOVES to play at my neighbor (Kris) house. She was over there yesterday playing baseball with my neighbors hubby and son. The dad was throwing, aka pitching the ball to her. She hit the ball and it popped right up and hit her in the eye. Kris asked her if she was ok and when Kelsee turned to look at her she already had a knot and a bruise!

**A little side note. Just a few weeks ago, Kelsee was playing the WII over there. They had just gotten a dog from the shelter. Kelsee went to pet the dog and the dog nipped at her face and got her on the nose and her cheek. Kris made the comment to me then, You are never gonna let her come over here again! ...... They have since gotten rid of that dog.

With this "little" incident, yet again Kris was worried I wouldn't ever let Kelsee over to play. She called me apologizing MANY MANY Times.

I have one thing to say- I LOVE my girls! Really I do. But Sydney and Kelsee are so accident prone! If it can happen, it has happened to them! Knock on wood, no broken bones, but bumps and bruises Galore!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Baby Girl

Check out the spit?

Isn't she cute?

I've ALWAYS wanted to do a Nakey Picture. I finally did. This is Framed in black and white in her room.

This is her 3 weeks old Picture.

My sweet little baby turned 6 months old on May 3rd. She had her 6 month check up Monday.

Can I just say I LOOK FOWARD to going to the Dr's for the girls..... Yes really I do. Why you might ask.... Because the girls Doctor is HHHHOOOOOTTTTT! Oh Sorry did I really say that outloud? No really I think he some nice "Eye candy" as my sister would say.

Anyways, I digress- yet again..... Delaney now weighs in at 14 lbs 14.6oz and is 26" long. Her head, yeah like 42cm????? She is now in the 25% for weight. She dropped from 50% to 25%. She is a tiny thing, well compared to my other girls.

She is now eating carrots and kinda liking them. But to be honest- I am not sure if her little body likes them! I changed THE NASTIEST diaper this AM. Not looking foward to those anymore. But Too late!

Delaney is the best baby! She brings me so much joy- as do all my girls I just am a really lucky mommy.

Monday, May 4, 2009

OUCH! That hurts

The white looking sticky stuff is the tape residue that stuck to the skin. She wont let us try to get it off.

Ok so this is the result of "Playing" with our sister.....

Haylee and Kelsee were "Playing". More like Haylee was dragging Kelsee along the carpet in the hall.... instead of getting in the bath. So when I finally rangled them into the bathtub, Kelsee started to scream cuz her back hurt. I took a look and there was a red mark. I thought "well serves ya right for not listening to mom" She said it burned...... WOW a rug burn feeling like it burns? Funny how that works.

Anyways, the next morning her shirt was STUCK to her now Big BOO BOO! One word OUCH! So smart daddy that we have put her in the bath and continued to poor water over her shirt and back until it came free. Poor baby. She cried and cried and said "It's all my fault. I shouldnt have let Haylee drag me on the carpet"

This is what it looks like now- 3 days later. She is slowly healing but still complaining DAILY- ok maybe more like HOURLY that it HURTS!!!!

Kids! They bring so much joy to our lives.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Curlie Sue's

The sure fire way to get Kelsee and Sydney to take a bath EVERY NITE! I put there hair up in curlers and it has to be wet..... so they have to take a bath and this is the result... My Curly Sue's

Sydney LOVES it REALLY curly. She doesn't even want to to loosen the curls at all. This is her before church today. She got lots of compliments that she looked so cute.

Kelsee is always so excited to see how curly her hair is in the morning.

Our first try on Sydneys hair. It didn't turn out so curly that time.

The BEFORE picture. Kelsee was too shy to show her curlers.

Can it be so?

Can It really be this little cutie already 6 months old?
Wow has time passed so quickly. I had to share some of my New favorite faces that Delaney is making these days. She is the cutest and makes me smile. I love her smile. She is starting to laugh on her own. She is up on her knees now...... getting ready to rock back and forth, before long she will be crawling.

Spit and all! Isnt this adorable?

Check out that smile.

This is her "mean" face.
I have probably 50 pictures I have taken of just her over the last month or so. She is growing too quick and I dont want to miss a thing. OH! Dont worry I will be adding more- SOON!