Monday, August 30, 2010

This explains it ALL!

I've gotta say.... I saw this and it EXPLAINS IT ALL!

 Any questions???  Ok so #4 is a LITTLE personal... but Hey you understand where I am coming from RIGHT?????

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday to my #3

WoW!  I can hardly believe that its ALREADY Aug 28th.  And that my “BABY” Kelsee is 7 today!  It has been so fun to look back on all her pictures (well at least the ones I have on my computer… thanks to 3 computer crashes and Losing them ALL!)
So it was hard to decide what pictures to use for this post.  I LOVE them all.  I have to say my little girl is such a cutie!  She has grown into a beautiful young girl.  Here are just a few of her pictures… they just make me smile. Such Good memories….
(my little Shirley Temple)
her 1st bubble!
(Mommy... I have a booboo and need a bandaid!)


(check out my other post for ALL the BIRTHDAY FUN!)

just too precious not to share

As I was searching through my pictures/videos for my Birthday post for Kelsee (#3 daughter) I found this.  Just reminds me what a great BIG sister she is. The has been so many times she has just held the baby and cooed.  It is so sweet.
I am a lucky mommy.

I'm doing the HAPPY DANCE!

It's time to do the HAPPY DANCE!  I hit 15 followers.... SAWEEEET!  You like me... you really Like me :) 

So this is me.....  Ya, but I am DANCING ALONE :(  But soon I will have my partner back and we will dance the Happy dance together... until then THANKS!

Friday, August 27, 2010

What Baby wants... Baby gets!

Step 1:       Baby finds a popsicle….
(sorry for the crazy eyes.)
Step 2:   Baby figures out how to rip it open with her teeth (Thanks to big sisters for showing her that one)

Step 3:  Baby is in HEAVEN with her popsicle.

Maybe this big sister is to BLAME for getting the popsicle for her J  Oh well… at least they are happy kids.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I can't even go potty......

This is what happens when I TRY to have a moment of peace in the bathroom while Big sisters are at school.  It was a LITTLE too quiet for a LITTLE too long. (literally couldn’t have been longer than a minute and a half)  I called for the baby and she didn’t answer.  I walked out of my room and glanced down on the floor of Sydney’s room. This is what I found 

My Budding Artist!

Showing off her artwork. YUP! She got both legs and shoes.
 Oh the joys of MARKERS!  What in the world.  Those were NEW shoes.  Of course they are WHITE… well they WERE white!  I can’t EVER trust this little girl when it’s QUIET. Unless she is in her crib SLEEPING!  Thank goodness for soap and water.  
So after I clean her up as best as I can. I went to throw the wipes away and came around the corner of the kitchen and found this...
ya, I moved Delaney before I took a picture. She had found ANOTHER marker and was coloring the front entry!  Are you kidding? Seriously child ENOUGH.
But I will smile and enjoy it while it last because SOON she will be a pain in my side. Talking back and being a normal teenager.

Why there?

All I can say is WOW!  As I was checking out all the blogs I follow today, I came across this one.  This says exactly what I have been feeling about this issue.  Go on over to Southern Hospitality and read her latest post.

Holy Cow.... 14 Followers!

Man do I feel special.  1 day I have 11 followers (most being my family and close friends) and the next day I have 14!  That is awesome.  I am still pretty new at this Blogging thing.  Trying to find my way through all of this.  I am a MAJOR blog hopper!  I LOVE to sit for LITERALLY HOURS! (I did yesterday... for like 3 hours after my girls got home from school..... shh! Don't tell anybody)  I have gotten some great ideas and read some awesome stories.  There are a million (maybe not literally a million) military wife bloggers out there.  It has been fun to read about their lives and experiences.  WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! Really... you are NOT alone in this whole thing called DEPLOYMENT or SINGLE PARENTING.  I have done it more than I would care to at times.  We are on our 6th deployment.  My Marine just hit his 15 year Anniversary in the Marine Corps... ya us, only 5 more til we COULD retire.
Anyways, to all my Blog followers.... It's question time!  Is there anything you would like to know about me?  Ask and I will do my best to answer them.  It's a great way to get to know me :) Cuz sometimes I don't have an idea of what to blog about.
Thanks! for following me and I sure hope you enjoy "the Ride"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This week....

Things have been so crazy this week... Getting back into “LIFE” with school, homework and settling back into a routine.  Can I say how much I REALLY dislike doing it ALL on my OWN! (of course I can... it’s MY blog!)  I can’t remember the last time that my Marine was HOME for the 1st day of school.  He has missed so many of the special events in the last few years. It’s crazy.  I just hope that my girls know he would be here in a heartbeat if he could. I certainly WISH he could be here.  I miss that guy.
Life seems to be so crazy ALL THE TIME!  Time is going by too quickly. Today I had to fill out a paper for one of Haylee’s classes.  It was all about Haylee… her favorites.  I like doing those with my girls because their Likes are always changing.  Its Hannah Montana one week and Justin Beiber the next.  The last question on the page was What is your Favorite story when your child was little?  To tell you the truth, after 4 girls.. I don’t remember much of who did what!  I know it is sad but SO true. I wish I would’ve been better at keeping a journal, or even finishing their baby books.  I can’t go back now.  I can’t remember it all.  I have such BIG plans and it seems that I cannot ever follow through.  Maybe one day I will be able to.  Maybe I will REMEMBER all those special times when my girls were little.  Is there something wrong with me? Or is this normal after 4 kids?

Onto other things. I got an email from my Marine today.  Things aren’t going so good for him. STRESS is getting to him these days it seems. So much lies on his shoulder.  I cannot even imagine what he is going through In the desert.  The stress of everything from day to day.  He is now acting company 1st Sgt. As well as Company Gunny.  What more can he do?  COME HOME! Oh wait I didn’t say that did I? We are SOOO ready to get outta this nasty desert and ready to move on.  WHEREVER THAT MIGHT BE!  We are STILL waiting to hear on the house we put the offer on (check out my other posts for pictures and info on that)
Sorry that this post is BORING and jumpy.  My brain is scattered.. and REALLY tired! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TRYING to find a dress

So I HAVE to find a dress for the Marine Corps Ball in Nov.  My Marine has already had to buy the Ball tickets, at $80 + a ticket!  It is in Vegas….. again.  WHY?  I am not quite sure why we can’t just do it here in CA.  We not only have to pay a ridiculous amount for the tickets, but then the dress, shoes, my marines uniform, ribbons and whatever else comes up.  OH! And the hotel room, the gas to get there… and find someone to watch the 4 girls.  Oh the joys!  It’s not that easy to prepare for this event.  Not to mention that I am A LOT heavier (weight wise that is) than I want to be. 

 So I have looked for a dress while visiting my sisters in Utah.  I was shocked at the prices of the dresses. Although they were VERY modest and they would “fit” what I was looking for.  I just didn’t have the money to buy one up there.  So this past weekend, while in Palm Springs doing that  Last Minute Shopping for the girls school stuff, we stopped by David’s Bridal.  STOP RIGHT THERE… you ask, You didn’t take ALL 4 girls with you to look for a dress did you?  YES I DID!  I know call me CRAZY!
When I 1st walked in I asked the girl at the desk if they had any dresses with sleeves.  NOPE! All their dresses are spaghetti strap or strapless. BUT they do have jackets to match any dress for another $50.  Nice….. YA RIGHT!

So I was wanting a candy apple red dress…. I also found a navy blue dress but not sure if my marine wants me to match him in his BLUES. I LOVED both the dresses that I tried on (Although the size was WAY bigger than I wanted to be )  After putting the second dress on, I remembered.. I had the camera with me in the diaper bag.  So here is the 2nd dress I tried on.  
excuse the NO makeup and tan lines :)
 the sales girl was a little weird and wanted me to wear the wrap correctly... Off the shoulder
 I like (the price of) this one the best.  What do you all think?  HELP please…. It does have a wrap, but I think I will have a jacket made. OH! And let us not forget the alterations… another $65 on top of the jacket and dress price.  REALLY? The dress that I have worn to I think 3 balls now was a WHOPPING $29.99 at Ross!

My creative little girl

my sweet little Kelsee came running out of her room yesterday and said 


I looked at her and this is what I saw
(notice the Daddy's Girl tshirt underneath) 
Sure enough... she was wearing a "tie"  
This is what it actually was
the back of a picture frame (the easel like part)  How creative is she?  She was so proud of herself.

She even went and colored it after I took the picture. I am so glad she still has an imagination :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

It's School time AgAiN

Well believe it or not
so hard to believe that I have to send my babies back to school.... I enjoyed having them home with me this summer.  We made so many fun memories together.  I am sad that the fun is over and it's time to get back to the grind. :(

Haylee is now a big Junior High (Middle School) Kid!  She is so grown up.... where did all the time go?  Haylee was up and ready to go EARLY this morning.  She goes to school from 7:11am to 1:50pm.  Sad to say her little sister were NOT awake when she went to school so she missed out on the "group picture"

it's not very often she LETS me take a picture of her... let alone one that she has her eyes open
my Sydney is starting 5th grade.  She too is so grown up.  She has Ms. Short this year (the same teacher Haylee had for 5th grade) She is a smart cookie and loves school!

(funny sidenote, when I took the girls school shopping they picked out the same kind of shoes that I wore when I was their age.... what?  are you kidding me.  I think they are so not cute now.... but I have been informed they are "IN" and "SO COOL" now mom!

Kelsee is starting 2nd grade.  She has the same teacher she had last year.  Kelsee is lucky enough to have been hand picked by the principal to be in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade combo class.  She has Ms. Evans and I am so glad.
(heading into school)
my girlies :) 
(we had to wake Delaney, the  baby, up to take the girls to school.  Poor girl was so sleepy)
Kelsee with her teacher, Ms. Evans
I Can't wait to see what this year holds for my girls.  I wish them all the best.  Their 1st day was a success... hope it stays that way!    

my baby's 1st haircut

So I figured since BIG sisters all got their haircut.... and we were there anyways.... why not get my babies 1st haircut.  She desperately needed it.  (you can only do so many ponytails :)

This is Delaney before her haircut
Isn't she cute?  She blew me a kiss when I took the picture

and this is my baby girl during
She has bangs now.  She grew up in 1 snip of the scissors :)
she was checking out the comb and the scissors
then she of course, had to check herself out in the mirror!
I was SHOCKED at how still she sat for it.  She was excited to be BIG like sisters.
The finished product... doesn't she look like an angel?

I also took video of her while getting her haircut... yes I know I am a crazy mommy!  Please excuse the background noise/ conversation... LOL