Saturday, July 31, 2010

Missing you

 My girls and I have had such a good time being at my parents.  We have basically been here since school got out... only going home for a day or two, 3 times.  The weather has been amazing here.  I think the hottest its gotten is MAYBE 90. But its been more in the 70s and 80s, which compared to the desert is great!  Its hard to believe that school is  going to start in 4 weeks.  WOW!  Where has the summer gone?  I guess its a good thing cuz that means my Marine will be home in the near future :) But I still have A LOT of CRAP to take care of!  I guess being here at my parents I have been able to kind of hide from all of it.  But the realization is sinking in and I gotta get back to reality and "home" to take care of things.

Ya know today I was running a few errands and I saw a couple holding each other (hugging) in the parking lot.  MAN! I dont know why but I started to cry. It hit me all of a sudden.... I would LOVE to be holding my hubby.  To have him close to me right now.  I am missing him so much and wishing he was back HOME!  I tell you what, some days are easier than others.  Today was one of those not so easy days.  I mean the girls are fine, other than the normal sibling fights (oh the joys of those) I just need my Marine.  I miss his kisses.  I miss him just holding me.  I miss him just being here.  

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sometimes its just takes a kid.....

to remember that we have to take the time to STOP and SMELL the ROSES!

The other day I decided to get my girls outta the house and from in from of the TV and go for a walk.  I have desperately needed to get moving and TRY to lose a little (ok more like 15 lbs) weight.  I figured why not involve my girlies and make it a family affair.  So we walked for over an hour.  We walked and walked and walked!  Which is fun when you've got kids who wanna stop constantly to look at all the flowers, bug and pick up the sticks on the ground.  At first I was getting really frustrated.... but then I stopped and realized.... LIFE IS WAY TO SHORT! to NOT stop and Smell the roses!  

My girls are growing up too quick.  I already feel like I have missed out on so much.  I have been so bad at writing in my journal.  Sharing those sweet stories of my girls as they've grown.  I am so afraid that I won't remember them to tell "their" kids.
Anyways back to the walk, so we stopped... and stopped and stopped some more.
The next night, just after dinner was done daughter #3 looks at me and says   Hey when are we going on our walk tonite?  Well alrighty then... I guess if they want to I gotta right? So we walked again.  This time... I took my Camera.  Here are some of the beautiful sites along our way.
daughter #2 "posing"
daughter #3 following big sister

at one point daughter #3  said to me.... mommy I wish we could have a beautiful garden like these ones.... why cant we where we live?
my only answer for that is.... you can't grow anything in the desert!
this is our favorite... we always stop and look at it.  This is in someone yard down the street from grandmas house.
baby girl loves her walks... as long as she has her pony, cup and her ki- ki (blanket)

the colors of all the flowers are amazing!  We couldnt even pick our favorite.  The girls all kept saying This one is my favorite... no this is my favorite!

**just a sidenote.... this is the same neighborhood that I grew up in.  My parents have lived in the same house for over 30 years. so I got to show my girls where my childhood friends lived.  Where I used to babysit.  Where I went to elementary school.  And where we used to play with our friends.  It has been so much fun!**

This is what I wish I had in 29 palms...
yes... its green grass but its GREEEEEEN!  Not brown :)
we walked so long we even got to see the sunset
what an amazing site!

my girls loved to ride the scooters down the hills
this is daughter #3's COME ON MOM... STOP TAKING SO MANY PICTURES face

so I hope that by this little "lesson" from my girls I will take the time to STOP TO SMELL THE ROSES more often!

**just as another sidenote... we have now taken a walk for the last 4 nites... I think it's a habit now!**

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting to know you....

Ok so I have decided to jump on this bandwagon too.... after checking out a few blogs today with this getting to know you.... I figured I would do it too :)  Hope you enjoy it. And learn a little something about me too. Hopefully its not TOO personal LOL

1. Thong or Granny Panties?
I have and always will be a granny panties kind of a girl.....
 Who wants something riding up the back end all day?

2. If you see a guy with his fly down, do you tell him?
Probably not.... I dont think I would have the courage. I should be checking that out  to notice anyways, I'm married!

3. Spanx or no Spanx?
No Spanx

4. Do you sleep in your sheets?
yup!  I love sleeping with just a cold sheet when its hot.

5. What is your favorite Disney character?
I would probably have to say Mulan or Cinderella

6. Dream vacation spot?
Hawaii.... our Next duty station!!!! (ya you are jealous huh?)

7. What is your dream job?
I already have it... Being a mom is my dream job.... but I have always wanted to be a police officer

8. Who is your hero and why?
My mom.  She is the greatest example of a mom, friend, wife and woman I know.  She has taught me everything I know :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I love my girls

I sure do LOVE my girls.... I am such a lucky mommy...
They are growing up so quickly.  I swear it was yesterday they were all just little. 

We spent the day together today... playing and having fun!  We had a PIONEER DAY Celebration at our church. (these are just a few of the pictures)
the girls got their faces painted

they played games
we ate snowcones... well maybe we had 2 each :)
Delaney discovered the CANDY basket

we hung out with Gramma and papa
and just had an all around fun time!
(this is what happens when you take a picture of someone with their mouth FULL of candy!)
Aren't they the CUTEST??? 

Then I took them to get pedicures and I got my nails done, while the baby was taking a nap.  Its fun to spoil them and share these fun little things with them!

Kelsee LOVES the massage chair
Kelsee's cute little toes

 Haylee LOVES reading the garbage magazines while getting her pedicure

Haylee's toes
Sydney just loves it all!!!  Especially the flowers
 Problem is they had her move outta the chair too quick and this was the result... so we had to get the big toes redone..... her is the second time around.
Didn't realize it til I took the picture... the right toe got messed up again.
Man I give up!