Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter 2012 was quiet…
Saturday we decorated Easter eggs. I had only hard boiled less than a dozen but the girls (and daddy) had fun. (of course I was the one TAKING the pictures, as always)

Happy 14th Birthday Haylee

So I am such a bad mom!  I admit it.  Life has just got too crazy and busy over the last few months. I want to blog but it just gets put on the back burner. So now it’s time to catch up….. so forgive my few posts all at once. And maybe, just maybe I can get caught up on “life”
March 23, 2012 we celebrated my OLDEST daughter’s birthday


She is all growed up (as they always said on Rugrats, one of her fav shows when she was younger) She is BEAUTIFUL, talented, a great sister, a wonderful daughter and an awesome babysitter!  She is my right hand girl. I can always count on her to be there to help me out.  I am so lucky to be her mom.
We didn’t do much for her birthday. Of course I decorated her door and made her a BIG poster.  She had her BFF sleep over and we had pizza for dinner.  I made her a chocolate chip cookie cake (which has been at her request for the past few years now) 

I certainly hope she had a good birthday and felt LOVED.  We LOVE you Haylee Nicol!

My baby girl had surgery

My sweet little baby girl had surgery on March 20. 2012.  She had her tonsils and adenoids removed.  She has had strep throat more than I wish to admit. This poor girl had surgery scheduled for almost a month before she went in and wouldn’t you know it.. a week before her surgery she comes down with strep AGAIN!  I took her in to the Pediatrician and sure enough, so they gave her a shot in her “bum chick” (as Delaney calls it) and made her all better. Thank goodness so we didn’t have to reschedule.

LUCKILY my WONDERFUL husband was home (not deployed) and he was able to take the time off to go to the hospital with me and Delaney.  PLUS my wonderful 2 big girls played hookie from school so that Kelsee could get off on the bus to school.  We had to leave our house at 5:45am the morning of March 20th.  Her check in was at 645am. And surgery wasn’t scheduled to start til I think 815am.  She was exhausted from being woken up so early and was really  did NOT want to be at the hospital.  All the nurses were great!  They hooked her up with her own DVD player. Cool orange colored “pajamas", a blue "hat" for her hair and kept telling her she was BEAUTIFUL! 

 Of course KiKi had to come along to comfort her.
(getting a little nervous)
 Dr. Smith came in to see her before the anesthesiologist gave her the YUMMY drink to make her all woosy. I was a nervous wreck!  Shortly after getting the drink (the liquid shot of medicine) she started acting crazy.  Telling her daddy he had “2” Daddy said 2 what Delaney? She said 2 heads daddy. And you have “3” daddy said 3 what Delaney? She said 3 eyes daddy. She tried catching the stars on the Dora movie she was watching. It kinda freaked me out but I knew it was just the meds.  I sat next to her on the bed and just held her and kissed her.  I knew she wouldn’t remember a thing, but I was so worried for her.  When it came time to wheel her back they brought a fun little wagon to take her in. By that time she was falling asleep and we said “see ya in a little bit” and they took her back to the operating room.  I did everything I could to keep busy. LUCKILY the hospital gives you awesome updates on a little pager so us CRAZY PHYSCO moms don’t go nuts.
Within an hour they paged us to tell us she did great and was on her way to recovery.  About 10 minutes later Dr. Smith came out to tell us she did great! And we could go back to see her.  I felt like I wanted to RUN back there (but my husband wouldn’t let me) When we got to recovery she was BAWLING!  They had just tried to give her meds and she SPIT them out!  Her poor little hand still had the IV in and was wrapped in purple tape to keep her from pulling it out. Oh believe me, she tried!  She wanted that thing OUT OF THERE!

As soon as she saw her daddy that is all she wanted. So the nurse picked her up and daddy sat in her recliner and just held her.  She was in and out of sleep for awhile.  When she was awake long enough we tried to get her to eat a popsicle. That was 2 licks and she was DONE.  Then we tried grape juice. We got a few drinks down her and then she was done!  Then it was onto and ice cream.  That was the best and we only got her to eat a few bites of that too.  But when we told her she had to eat more so she could go HOME she had a few more. Then they took the NASTY little IV out and when she saw the blood.. she cried again.

Recovery was SLOW and she had MANY ups and downs. She didn’t sleep much for the 1st few nights. I was up with her about every hour.  She refused to take her Tylenol with Codeine.  She wanted nothing to do with it. I was spit on more than I would care to admit to. She would take regular Tylenol and so that helped some.
About 2 weeks after surgery she was back to her cute little self. Getting into all sorts of mischief!