Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!  

I cannot find the words to express my appreciation for all those who have served this great country of ours and paid the ULTIMATE sacrifice..... their lives.  We are all so blessed to have the freedoms that we do in this great country, and it is ALL because of those past and present who protect those freedoms.

We definitely DID NOT forget to THANK those who gave ALL!

I am blessed to be married to one of the greatest MARINE'S around!  Just wish he could've been here with us to celebrate the day. Just NOT the same without him around.  

Proud to be a military wife.  Semper Fi!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I know, I know, it’s been FOR—EVER since I last posted.  Life seems to do that to ya. I cannot believe that we are in MAY already.  Where has 2013 gone????  I don’t know for sure but I feel like I have been crazy busy since New Years.
Life in a military family is ALWAYS busy!  But then you add “normal” everyday stuff on top of that- WOW!  Some days, I am just trying to keep my head ABOVE water!
Well, let me catch up since New Years. “Not that is too long, let me sum up” (name the movie) I am a BAD mom and missed blogging about my 2 oldest girls turning ANOTHER year older!  My oldest daughter turned 15!  And my second daughter turned 13! Seriously, I am NOT ready for these teenage years.  HOLY COW! They are both totally “into” 1 Direction *the music group* Sydney (the 13 yr old) LOVES to draw, paint and read.  
 Haylee (the 15 yr old) loves to listen to music. And that is about it. Of course she IS a teenager! I am REALLY glad they aren't boy crazy.... YET!

Shortly before Spring Break, Sydney was accepted to Endeavor Charter Academy (the charter school Kelsee – my 9 yr old- goes to) so Sydney switched schools.  The transition was a little hard. She felt VERY behind but has done amazing!

Kelsee, has gotten HIGH Honor Roll for 3 quarters so far and it looks like she will be getting it AGAIN for the last quarter J She has worked so hard this year and her teacher is AMAZING!

Haylee has REALLY struggled with HomeSchool this year.  She was actually DROPPED from the 1st semester due to her grades.  She promised she would do better and bring all her grades up.  So after a lot of heart to heart talks and prayer, I kept her in the K12 program. It isn’t looking too good for her this semester either.  I think the only class she is passing is Spanish (weird)

My “baby girl” was accepted to Young 5’s (it’s basically Kindergarten for the younger 5 year olds)  she will start in the fall.  She is pretty excited about it.
Well, School is just about over… Last day is June 12th. The girls can’t wait.  (and neither can I….. I am looking forward to NOT waking up at 5:30am)

So my marine left AGAIN to go to ANOTHER course…. Not quite sure what the name of this one is. I just know it’s the last “check in the box” for promotion.  He has been gone since this past Sunday.  He will be in Quantico until almost the end of June. I talked to him today. He said the school is going good.  They are in smalls groups of about 8 1st Sgts. Funny thing is, in all the class the 1 guy that is also a member of the church, is in his group. He also works at the I and I station in Las Vegas, and is part of the “saints and sinners” battalion from Vegas/ Salt Lake.

So, by the time my marine gets back from Quantico, the girls and I will be out in California for the summer.  We are all so looking forward to getting OUT of Michigan and having a change of scenery.  My marine actually said Saturday before he left, he is afraid we won’t come back. He said he thinks we’ll find a house in Utah when we go out there. Who knows???? Maybe we will. Lol
So now that I have jumped all around….. I think I will end this post. I have said before that I will try to be better at posting and that hasn’t happened. So I won’t say that again.  I will just say, until next time!