Thursday, January 21, 2010

We love the Dippers

The girls had a day off on Monday so I figured it'd be fun to go to Chuckie!  We went with our friends, The Klafke's.  It was yucky weather outside so it was a Great day to go.

Delaney say Chuckie for the 1st time.  

She liked him.... from a distance.  

She also discovered  "dippers" (aka KETCHUP!)  She actually doesnt like fries.  I know weird huh?  what kid DOESN'T like fries?  So I had to share the pictures....

After all the dippers she got a little thirsty....

Haylee didnt want her picture taken.... can you tell?  Thats her with Kenzie Klafke.

and this is Kierra Klafke.

*promise Sydney and Kelsee were there too, they just played so much I hardly even saw them.  let alone had a second to take a picture of them*

We had such a fun time.  The girls played for about 3 hours!  Nice for us mommies ;) 


So I FINALLY got off my tail and had Delaney's pictures done.  I havent had them done professionally since she was 3 months old..... I know I know- I am a bad mommy!

So here they are..... They turned out SO cute.  I love them all!

So whatcha think?  She a keeper huh?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Everything is within reach.....

I forget sometimes that EVERYTHING is within Delaney's reach.  She is growing up so quickly.  If she wants it.... she will do whatever she can to get it!

 She saw the Jello on the table the other night after dinner.... she REALLY wanted it.  She screamed and made all kinds of noise wanting someone to get it for her.... but no one would.  So she took things into her own hands and reached up.... on her tippy toes

Now to try to figure out how to get them outta the package.

They aren't TOO old- YET!

I love that my girls are not too big to play with Playdough....

This week has been FULL of playdough creations!  I only took a couple of pictures.  I didnt think about it til they were done.  So I wanted to share just some of the fun and creations....

Kelsee joined in the fun.

I love the imaginations they have when they create!

Haylee's friend Dustina has come over to play too.  They have made some amazing creations!

Haylee's finished product.  A mermaid on a rock (oh and she's eating ice cream with some dripping down her face)  with a stingray in the water.  Can you see the ripples of the stingray?  it was so cute.

This was Dustinas final creation on another day.

The top view.

I love watching them create.... and not FIGHT!  It brings joy to a mommy ;)

Guess it was worth getting the 24 pack of playdough for Kelsee for Christmas.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ahhhhh..... New haircuts

This is Haylee before.... she wanted to go short....

Her "after"   She LOVES it!  It Looks so cute for her.

Sydney before... she just wanted it CUT!  She was very impatient. She wanted to go first.

The "after".  Much better now.  She is a happy girl!

Kelsee waited so patiently for her turn.  Her before....

This is her "after"  She matches Sydney.  She wanted to have a "mommy haircut" (the ALine cut)

I do have to say I am a very lucky mommy.  My girls are so beautiful and they picked good for the styles they wanted.  It is SOOOO their personalities.

Ok so yesterday it was MY turn to FINALLY get my hair done too.  I havent had it done since the girls started school back in Aug.  It was LONG and GRAY!  I was feeling so old.  So I decided to color it myself and I think I did a pretty good job.  Matthew helped pick out the color.  Thanks to Double Coupon day the box of color cost me $1.49 (can't beat that!)
So here is my "before" (but after I colored it..... I saved you from seeing all the GRAY closeup. LOL)


AHHHH!  This is me ;)  I love it!  I feel so much better now.

Just had to share the "highlights"  I love them. Its amazing what a little color, cut and highlights can do. 

So now Sydney, Kelsee and I "match".  Its so fun to have my girls look like me. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here's the LOOT!

ok so here are my totals from Double coupon day yesterday

..... drumroll please - oh sorry.... LOL

1st total: $231.50 paid $54.12 = saved $177.38 (23%) 2nd total: $108.14 paid $18.14 = saved $90.00 (17%) 3rd total: $14.94 paid NOTHING $ = SAVED $14.94 4th total: $62.65 paid $15.65 = saved $47.00 (25%) 5th total: $147.56 paid $30.08 = saved $117.48 (26%)


This is a little closer look at all the "goods",  

I havent tried the TIDE stuff before but I figure for Free, for the small bottle and .68 cents for the large one WHY NOT!

Anyone need some tabasco? I have 6 bottles of it!


My best "buy" was 1/2 gallon of milk for .79. (it's not pictured- we already drank it!) Besides all the FREE stuff.  Milk is up to just about $3.00 a gallon again and it is killing me! So to get a gallon for basically $1.60 was SWEET.

Thanks for letting me SHARE!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hawaii or BUST!

Well - it has finally come.... the time when we hear when we get outta here and where we go.  The verdict:


Can you say EXCITED?  Matthew is to report no earlier than Nov 1 and No later than Nov 30 as of right now.  It can always change because he still has to deploy but that is where it stands right now.  We are looking forward to the new chapter and duty station.  Looking forward to GREEN and no more DIRT~

**I meant to get video of the girls reactions but didnt!  But they were priceless!**

When we told the girls tonite at dinner the reactions were not as I expected.  Haylee and Sydney both said  NO!  and kelsee said YES!  But after a little discussion they are all excited to go.  Sydney and Kelsee can't wait to take Hawaiian dance lessons. =)  Haylee said maybe surfing????  Anywhere is better than this crap hole!  Sorry but 29 Palms is seriously the armpit CA, the Marine Corps and maybe even the country!

We are looking forward to visiting family and friends *hopefully* before we leave the states.  You are all WELCOME TO VISIT US!   Just remember all you have to buy is a plane ticket!  We will have a place for you to stay.
Now onto the COUNTDOWN! November here we come! It will be here before we know it

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh the Talent!

Delaney got a new play music set with all the instruments included... She discovered it yesterday and we Rocked out!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Shindig

The Girls wanted to have a Christmas Party with all their friends....... they bugged me for over a week and I finally gave in. I am glad I did because it was SO much fun!
Although only 2 of the friends showed up the girls made the most of it.

Haylee read the girls a Christmas story she wrote.....

listening so intently

They made Gingerbread houses outta graham crackers. It was fun to see how different they each made theirs. What imaginations they have!

Kelsee's house.... ok so she had ALOT of help from MOM!

Sydney loved eating all the candies....

Kennedy Perry's final product

Paige Perry's final product

This was the Pin the carrot of the Snowman game. I have to say my talented Husband drew the snowman.

It was so fun and we just might do it again next year.... shhhhh don't tell my girls!