Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So checking out others blogs in the past week, I was SHOCKED to see MY name, yes MY little name......  2 of my bloggy friends took the ABC's of me thingy and ran with it!

Thanks to I'd go anywhere for your smile and Hillary over at The Whole FamDamily  You made my day!  I have gotta say. Thanks for giving me a SHOUT OUT!

It is so fun to get to know other bloggers.  To see that we have so much in common. Thanks girlies for  showing me the LOVE :)  

Hello out there....

man I feel like  I have been MIA from blogging for FOREVER... ok so it has only been a few days, but amazingly enough SOOOO Much has happened!  I promise to blog about it and catch up tomorrow.....

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh I am a HAPPY girl....


I hit 41 followers!  I am a HAPPY blogger :)  So glad you guys like me.  Please stick around for the FUN

Friday, March 25, 2011

MY Homework

Kelsee had homework from last week that had to be turned in on Tues morning.... so you know what I was doing Sunday night and monday????
Her homework was to come up with a restaurant menu, that had a Fairy Tale based name.  ALL the items on the menu (15+, NOT including drinks) HAD to be Fairy Tale based names (for example, 3 Little Pigs breakfast) OH! and don't forget.... that 2nd grader needs to have colored pictures for EACH menu item AND it has to be typed on the computer.  (are you kidding me?  She is 7.  Do you really think that she can make something look good and be turned in for a grade, all on her own????)  
And then to top it off she had to have prices for each item.  Take 4 orders and then add and total the orders. WOW! That was enough homework for a couple weeks, but she also had to read 4 books.
Have you ever sat down with a 2nd grader to do homework??? Let me just say, it was VERY challenging!  I sat down every night with her last week and then after about 45 minutes gave up because I was doing all the work anyways.
Well, after staying up late printing up the menu lists and pictures we FINALLY finished it, in the nick of time, Tues morning.... just before she walked out the door for school.  OH don't you worry, I was so proud of MY HOMEWORK, I took pictures to share with ya'll.  Tell me what you think...

so I really hope I get a good grade on MY homework!  So glad we are done with it.....

Friday Confessional


Hard to believe it's FRIDAY again! Wow this last week was a whirlwind!
 So here we go....

I CONFESS... I am birthday 'd OUT!  I have had 2 girls Birthday's within the last week and now still have a sleepover/bowling party for my oldest (since her bday was wednesday and we could "celebrate" then) tonite -tomorrow.  OH THE JOYS!

I CONFESS... that I am STILL ticked at my hubby over MONEY! (read about it here)

I CONFESS... that I am stressed and NEED a break!

I CONFESS... my marine's monitor, wants him in MICHIGAN by April 30th.... I don't see how that is even possible!  That means I have LOTS of CRAPOLA to do in the next Month! YA that's right I said  "I" not my marine.  He just sits back and relaxes... oh and has to do his "check out" crap.

I CONFESS.... I am not being the most positive right now.  But I had BIG plans to go to Womens Conference in Utah the last weekend in April and now I am FEARING that I am NOT going to be able to make it there.  I am NOT wanting to miss out since ALL of my sisters (well all but the 1 who wants NOTHING to do with us)  and my mom will be there.  This will be the 1st time we've been together in YEARS!

I CONFESS... I am going to TRY to be POSITIVE about all this...Everything happens for a reason, right? 
To end on a GOOD note though....

I CONFESS that Hilary over at the The Whole FamDamily made my morning!  I was checking my blogs, like always, and she posted about ME :)  How exciting!  She took my ABC's of me and did her own!  WOW! Do I feel special so now on with my day!  Thanks HILARY for making it start off GREAT!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Frugal Fridays

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I have ROCKED the stores this week!  I have gotten so many good deals. BUT with 2 girls birthday's in 4 days I have not found the TIME to take pictures of it all and post.  But I WILL! Promise.

Thanks for all my NEW followers!  Hope you enjoy the RIDE.......

Happy Blogiversary to..... ME

So after checking out LOTS of blogs the last couple of days.... and checking out all the BLOGIVERSARIES (is that how you say it?)  I realized it should be MY BLOGIVERSARY soon.... so I went back and checked this morning.....

DUH!  It WAS on MARCH 17thHappy BLOGIVERSARY to ME!  2 years already.  WOW! How time flies by.  
Thanks for all those who have been here from the start.  Thanks for all my NEW followers (You know I LOVE having followers) Hope you stick with me.  I plan on doing this for a LONG time!

ABC's of ME!

Today I am playing along with  Dandelion Wishes and the ABC's of ME

A. Age: 36

B. Bed size: Queen, (but last night when our 7 yr old climbed in our bed I was wishing we had a KING)

C. Chore you dislike: the bathrooms

D. Dogs: NOPE! I am so NOT a dog person.

E. Essential start to your day: A cherry pepsi! (it's my "coffee")

F. Favorite color: Red & Blue

G. Gold or silver: white gold or silver!

H. Height: 5’ 3 3/4" (and yes the 3/4 makes a HUGE difference)

I. Instruments you play(ed): I wish I did play an instrument

J. Job title:  MOM and wife, aka THE ONE WHO DOES EVERYTHING!!!!

K. Kids: 4 girlies, Haylee (who turned 13 yesterday). Sydney, (who turned 11 last saturday) Kelsee (who is 7) and Delaney, (who is 2)

L. Live: Crappy California. at least for a little bit longer

M. Mom’s name: Joyce

(this is my momma with Delaney, when she was about a month old)

N. Nicknames:  MOM, Nen, Jen, and Honey

O. Overnight hospital stays:  Just when I had my babies

P. Pet peeves:  Being late, lying, when I pump gas and it stops on an uneven number (like 13.29... I gotta pump it to at least 13.50 or 14.00)- I know I am totally weird.

Q. Quote from a movie:  "Just remember who said it FIRST" from The Cutting Edge... my marine tells me that all the time when I tell him I LOVE him MORE.

R. Righty or lefty: righty, but I can write left too

S. Siblings:  Jana, Jeanne, (me) Julie, Jessica, and my little (ok so he's 31) brother David.  Ya we are all J's, and my brother is David like my dad, but he is NOT a junior!
 (this is 3 of my sisters L-R Julie, Jana and Jeanne)

T. Time you wake up: When my husband's alarm goes off... which is different everyday. But then I TRY to fall back to sleep until at least 6:15 during the week

U. Underwear: Heck ya!

V. Vegetables you don’t like: the question should be which ones DO I like?  that would be a shorter list.

W. What makes you run late: My girls doddling!

X. X-rays you've had:  All over the place!

Y. Yummy food you make: Well I have been told that everything I cook is yummy.  But for sure my Enchiladas (my parents RAVE about them!) and Green Bean Casserole

Z. Zoo animal favorites: I love the cute monkey's. Maybe that's why I call my girls monkey's????

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet 13 year old.... That CANNOT be true!  I can't be old enough to have a TEENAGER!  
Oh but it IS true.... this beautiful girl  turned 13 today.....
I love that she still can be goofy.
She is my right hand girl.  She is the BEST babysitter a mom could ask for.  She is an awesome example to her younger sisters and she Loves her Savior and her Heavenly Father
We had a fun day CELEBRATING her birthday (other than her having to go to school)
I made her a Chocolate chip cookie "cake" 

and her favorite dinner (green bean casserole, aka Shepherd's Pie) I decorated her door

and opened presents and chowed down on the cookie!

 my girls were being goofy...
(and then there was my sweet baby.... yes the bathing suit is her at home attire these days.)
and we just had a fun time together Hanging out!

BUT the fun doesn't stop there...... She is having a sleepover on friday with a couple of friends, then saturday it is BACK to the bowling alley AGAIN to celebrate with friends.

I gotta still find some baby pictures of her to add.  She was the biggest of all my girlies.  She weighed 8 lbs 13.8oz and was 21 1/2" long at birth.  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet girl!  We LOVE you!

Wee Bit of Me

{one} what was your first job?
I worked for my mom at our in home daycare, when I was in Junior High.... but my 1st "real" job out of the house was a seasonal job at Hickory Farms.

{two} have you ever seen a stand up comedian?

{three} when was the last time you played mini golf?
At least 8 years ago :( I LOVE mini golfing.

{four} what was the last picture you took?
tonite at my daughter's birthday "party" with our family!

{five} burnt food: yes or no?
no way!

{six} if you have a pocket full of change, what do you do with it?
we have a change jug that I always put the change from my pockets in .

{seven} can you touch your tongue to your nose?
no.. i am NOT that talented

{eight} do you scrapbook?
I have an amazing stock of scrapbook stuff.... i haven't found the "time" to do it in YEARS!
{nine} do you buy lottery tickets?
Nope. But everytime I see the jackpot, it sure makes me WANNA!

{ten} do you prefer to be in front of the camera or behind it?
I love taking pictures, but don't mind having my picture taken. It just so happens I am always the one taking them though. I love saying to my girls while looking through old pictures... yes I really was there, I was just the one taking the pictures.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Meet & Follow Sunday

Meet & Follow Sunday...... 

I am SO excited I have 37 Followers now!! You wanna follow along too?  I LOVE my followers!


Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet Sydney Nicol!  She truly is a BLESSING in our family!  She is my #2 and has ALWAYS been so sweet. She is the one to give me hugs and kisses STILL and tells me I LOVE YOU! (without being coerced)

Here are some EARLY pictures of my sweet girl

isn't she cute?  (I so miss her being a "baby")

Here are a few from today's festivities.....

 the "purple basketball" cake
 Bowling with sisters and Sydney's friend, Faraah

 my marine and I played a game of Pool.  Our girls were SHOCKED that WE knew how to play..... hey kids what do you think we used to do on our dates????
 the girls were dancing to the jukebox 

 game #2 scores
 by game #2 they were more interested in playing pool than bowling

 Kelsee's new "hairdo"
 Sydney's gifts, Purple SNUGGIE

 purple converse
 Willow Tree figure
 Make a wish Syd!

 daddy LOVES messing with his girls!  And oh yes, she did get her 11 spankins

(just 4 short days and this sweet girl will be a TEENAGER!  She is turning 13 on the 23rd! Heaven help me! I sure am gonna NEED it!)