Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy 14th Birthday Haylee

So I am such a bad mom!  I admit it.  Life has just got too crazy and busy over the last few months. I want to blog but it just gets put on the back burner. So now it’s time to catch up….. so forgive my few posts all at once. And maybe, just maybe I can get caught up on “life”
March 23, 2012 we celebrated my OLDEST daughter’s birthday


She is all growed up (as they always said on Rugrats, one of her fav shows when she was younger) She is BEAUTIFUL, talented, a great sister, a wonderful daughter and an awesome babysitter!  She is my right hand girl. I can always count on her to be there to help me out.  I am so lucky to be her mom.
We didn’t do much for her birthday. Of course I decorated her door and made her a BIG poster.  She had her BFF sleep over and we had pizza for dinner.  I made her a chocolate chip cookie cake (which has been at her request for the past few years now) 

I certainly hope she had a good birthday and felt LOVED.  We LOVE you Haylee Nicol!

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