Friday, June 19, 2009

So here we are...

So here we are....

A week into Summer vacation and this mommy is already going BANANAS!!!! I am SOOOOO ready to have a break away from this NASTY desert! I am really tired of the hot and the yuck of dirt.

My girls have spent the week playing with friends- at MY house! trashing MY house and eating MY food! Oh sorry was that a LOTTA selfish. I like MY quiet and MY time alone to just veg. Well that is no longer with the girls all home. They want their friends over here ALL the time! and when I tell them NO- The WORLD HAS ENDED as they know it and the fits begin!!!! Why can't I ever have MY friends over- thats what I hear and WHY ????? WHY WHY WHY WHY???? It is already REALLY OLD.

Can you tell I am already over this? Really I am. I wish they could just conform to ME and do as I want all the time and NEVER ask WHY! They just dont get that we can just pick up and go to the pool anytime we want. We cant just come and go. Delaney is still little and needs the momma and some nursin'. They just dont get that part.

Really I have tried to make this week fun for them. We had our Legoland trip.... playing in the sprinklers, watching movies, staying up late. We even let friends sleep over this week, anyone who knows my hubby knows he doesnt let that happen, normally!

Well I guess that is all for my rant today. Maybe this is just a rough start and it will get better. I AM HOPING thats what it is!

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  1. SO TRUE! So true. I am hurting for you. Love you, we are all there.