Friday, September 11, 2009

Just 8 years ago....


Anyone who knows me know my great love for this country and for the Flag! My love and patriotism grew even more 8 years ago.

I remember that morning being woken up by my mom. She didnt even say Hello. All she said was "So what does this mean for Matthew". I had NO idea what she was talking about. Matthew had just left minutes before to go to work. When I asked what she was talking about she told me to turn on the tv. When I did I began to cry.... and that is how I continued for the next fews hours and even days. I picked up my 2 little girls, held them in my arms and just cried. How could someone HATE so much to do this to America? Well we found out that day as the United States of America was changed. That day people came together... strangers as well as friends, to support and help one another. So many lives we lost. Not only at the Twin Towers, but at the Pentagon and the brave Men and Women who gave their lives in Pennsylvania. I will NEVER forget the images that they played OVER and OVER. I sat mesmerized for HOURS. Well it wasnt too long after that the our family changed as well. Matthew was sent to Iraq to fight the war. He served 2 back to back deployments there. Loosing his "Gunny" at the Battle at the Mosque. His Company also lost Lt. Childress. Many brave men and women have given their lives in the Fight for OUR Freedom. But I think as time has gone on, people have forgotten that early morning 8 years ago.

Can I forget? NO! Should WE forget. Certainly not. Many families live with the loss Daily.

This was just 1 of the Memorials set up that night for the victims who lost their lives.

I REALLY hope as we celebrate this solemn day that we truly remember and are THANKFUL for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. And are STILL out fighting for us.... so that we can live in peace here. Amazing that there has not been another attack on US soil since that fateful day. I am grateful for that. I am also thankful for my husband who has now returned from his 3rd tour to Iraq. I am a VERY proud wife of a US Marine and grateful for all the support and love that we, the military families, have received. May we always REMEMBER 9-11-01

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  1. Hi Jen... I was going NUTS yesterday trying to figure out why ALL the flags were out. (our city puts flags out at every business on special holidays, like the 4th and such. It is really cool.) It finally hit me after going to the bank... it is the 11th of september. I was all by myself. But I had to stop and take a minute and remember. It was a cool moment. Thanks for the reminder!