Saturday, September 12, 2009

Surgery Day...

Haylee was SOOOO nervous for this day to come. She had counted down to her surgery. She was not really looking foward to having the surgery, but was looking foward to not have the cyst (lesion) on her lip anymore... or snoring! (even though she doesnt ever hear herself snore!)
This is her patiently waiting.... getting all her vitals.

Kelsee went with me along with Delaney. Kelsee was so interested in all the goings on...
The nurse was so cute she just plopped her up on the bed with Haylee.

Delaney making faces at Haylee. She kept Haylee's focus otherplaces as she was poked 6 different times to get her IV started!

Trying to stay strong... This is the only Smile I could get outta her.

The nurse was great with her. Only thing is she blew 2 of Haylee's veins. Luckily she had given her a shot before each one to numb the area. Poor girl. I felt so bad for her but not 1 Tear!!!

She made it. It was the hardest thing to say Goodbye to her and go out into the waiting room. I am really glad that I had Delaney and Kelsee to keep my mind occupied! I am not sure how my parents made it while I had surgery or even when my brother had it numerous times. It is NERVE RACKING to say the least!
I was REALLY glad to see her smiling, ok well at least TRYING to. And to hear her talking to the nurses. The nurses, she had 2 by her side the whole time, said she was a total chaterbox as she was coming out of it. Thats my Haylee!

Kelsee was worried Haylee would be crying. She wanted to get in the picture too...

Haylee's Lip day of surgery.... just a few hours after. Very swollen.

This is day 5 for Haylee. She has survuved on Popsicles, Blue Raspberry Slurpees, Apple Juice, Water and has had a few bites of Applesauce. Today her daddy made her a Banana smoothie and we got her to have a cup of it. She is eating with a syringe right now..... hard for her to eat/ drink with her lip so yucky.

BEWARE.... she CAN'T brush her teeth. She says her breath smells yucky and she can't wait to brush again. The part sticking up is the scab from the incision. It is healing but this is the yucky part. Sorry- she wanted me to post this to show it is getting better... even if its only a little better.

This has been a VERY stressful week for the momma! I not only have had to take care of Haylee in everyway, but take care of the other girls too. Sleeping on the couch isnt the most comfortable, but Haylee is afraid to be alone. She is still so swollen she thinks she will stop breathing in the night. Sad girl. Somedays are better than others. I have realized that my patience is sometimes VERY short. But I am trying. I am REALLY glad that Matthew is now home and is so willing to help.


  1. Haylee that is exactly what aunt Jeanne looks like when she goes in for surgery to have her babies. They put that funny looking hat on and the gown and I have to wear these funny long socks with holes at the toes (I don't like those at all) and then they put little bootie sock over top. I am glad you had the surgery done! I hope you heal quickly. Feel better! I love you!

  2. OK funny! my word to confirm my post was DELYANI. FUNNY HU!
    Jen I hope you are doing ok. I am soooo... glad Matthew is home to help. Tell him Hi for us. I hope you have been able to nap a little.