Sunday, September 27, 2009

Del Mar Beach

Our 1st & ONLY Trip to the Beach this summer....

Ok, so if you look.... Syd's bathing suit is riding a little high but this was so cute of them. Smallest to highest.... plus they all have a smile on their face.

Haylee loved digging in the sand (my LEAST favorite part about the beach)

You see that tongue? Delaney loved the beach too. With her fair skin I was so afraid she was gonna get burned. But luckily she didnt.

Kelsee and her bestest friend Kayla. We went with our friends, the Klafke's, down to the beach.

Yes, yes that is sand, dirt, nastiness, by Kelsee's lip. She kept goind under the water and getting sand in her mouth. But she loved every minute of it.

Kelly Klafke with 2 of her 3 girls, Kayle and Kenzie.

This was my 1 and only picture from our trip to the beach. Why is it that I am always the 1 taking the pics???? I promise I was really there.

Playing in the waves....

Delaney wasnt too sure about the sand.... or the water really.

Sydney was looking very intently for shells and sanddollars. She found some cool ones but then lost them when she went to wash them off. =(

We had such a great time at the beach. The girls have wanted to go all summer long. It was fun to go with friends and just play and relax.
We even got to go meet up with our friends, the Dodd's for Pizza that night before we left to go back home. We hadn't seen them in about 3 1/2 years. It was great to spend time with them.
It made us sad to go back to 29. We would LOVE to live at Camp Pendleton again and be close to friends and especially the beach and cooler weather. Maybe someday =)

Some of our Adventures

They just built a small waterpark here on the base. I took the girls one night before Haylee's surgery. The girls LOVED it! As you can see. I got some good pictures.

Sydney loved the bucket that would fill with water and then drop- and SOAK you!

Kelsee loved the water squirters. She kept wanting to run through them.... not such a great idea when it is so slippery. Luckily she never fell down.

Haylee said the water was COLD! What???? It was only like 100 degrees outside when we went. The water was so refreshing.

Delaney wasnt too sure of the water. This was the only shot I got of her. She wanted to just be held. I think the water coming from every direction kinda freaked her out.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

This is a Good laugh!

Ok So I HAD to share this.... on my Blog! It is TOTALLY Blog worthy.

I was checking out my Facebook today and someone had added this website to their blog:

Peeked my interest..... so I had to check it out. I laughed so hard I just about peed my pants.... dont worry I didn't. If you are in need of a good laugh... check it out.

All I have to say is PEOPLE! Come On now!!!!!

Enjoy it =)

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Little Princess

My Littlest Princess. I have been trying to find something for Delaney to wear for Halloween... I think I found it!
Her sisters had fun playing dress up with her.

Doesnt she look precious?

Kelsee decided that she will be the mouse that turns into the driver of the pumpkin. Haylee will be the wicked stepmother and Sydney will be a wicked stepsister and Delaney is the Princess!
Isn't she smart? Oh! I almost forgot I am the EVIL queen she said.
Gotta love kids.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Surgery Day...

Haylee was SOOOO nervous for this day to come. She had counted down to her surgery. She was not really looking foward to having the surgery, but was looking foward to not have the cyst (lesion) on her lip anymore... or snoring! (even though she doesnt ever hear herself snore!)
This is her patiently waiting.... getting all her vitals.

Kelsee went with me along with Delaney. Kelsee was so interested in all the goings on...
The nurse was so cute she just plopped her up on the bed with Haylee.

Delaney making faces at Haylee. She kept Haylee's focus otherplaces as she was poked 6 different times to get her IV started!

Trying to stay strong... This is the only Smile I could get outta her.

The nurse was great with her. Only thing is she blew 2 of Haylee's veins. Luckily she had given her a shot before each one to numb the area. Poor girl. I felt so bad for her but not 1 Tear!!!

She made it. It was the hardest thing to say Goodbye to her and go out into the waiting room. I am really glad that I had Delaney and Kelsee to keep my mind occupied! I am not sure how my parents made it while I had surgery or even when my brother had it numerous times. It is NERVE RACKING to say the least!
I was REALLY glad to see her smiling, ok well at least TRYING to. And to hear her talking to the nurses. The nurses, she had 2 by her side the whole time, said she was a total chaterbox as she was coming out of it. Thats my Haylee!

Kelsee was worried Haylee would be crying. She wanted to get in the picture too...

Haylee's Lip day of surgery.... just a few hours after. Very swollen.

This is day 5 for Haylee. She has survuved on Popsicles, Blue Raspberry Slurpees, Apple Juice, Water and has had a few bites of Applesauce. Today her daddy made her a Banana smoothie and we got her to have a cup of it. She is eating with a syringe right now..... hard for her to eat/ drink with her lip so yucky.

BEWARE.... she CAN'T brush her teeth. She says her breath smells yucky and she can't wait to brush again. The part sticking up is the scab from the incision. It is healing but this is the yucky part. Sorry- she wanted me to post this to show it is getting better... even if its only a little better.

This has been a VERY stressful week for the momma! I not only have had to take care of Haylee in everyway, but take care of the other girls too. Sleeping on the couch isnt the most comfortable, but Haylee is afraid to be alone. She is still so swollen she thinks she will stop breathing in the night. Sad girl. Somedays are better than others. I have realized that my patience is sometimes VERY short. But I am trying. I am REALLY glad that Matthew is now home and is so willing to help.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Just 8 years ago....


Anyone who knows me know my great love for this country and for the Flag! My love and patriotism grew even more 8 years ago.

I remember that morning being woken up by my mom. She didnt even say Hello. All she said was "So what does this mean for Matthew". I had NO idea what she was talking about. Matthew had just left minutes before to go to work. When I asked what she was talking about she told me to turn on the tv. When I did I began to cry.... and that is how I continued for the next fews hours and even days. I picked up my 2 little girls, held them in my arms and just cried. How could someone HATE so much to do this to America? Well we found out that day as the United States of America was changed. That day people came together... strangers as well as friends, to support and help one another. So many lives we lost. Not only at the Twin Towers, but at the Pentagon and the brave Men and Women who gave their lives in Pennsylvania. I will NEVER forget the images that they played OVER and OVER. I sat mesmerized for HOURS. Well it wasnt too long after that the our family changed as well. Matthew was sent to Iraq to fight the war. He served 2 back to back deployments there. Loosing his "Gunny" at the Battle at the Mosque. His Company also lost Lt. Childress. Many brave men and women have given their lives in the Fight for OUR Freedom. But I think as time has gone on, people have forgotten that early morning 8 years ago.

Can I forget? NO! Should WE forget. Certainly not. Many families live with the loss Daily.

This was just 1 of the Memorials set up that night for the victims who lost their lives.

I REALLY hope as we celebrate this solemn day that we truly remember and are THANKFUL for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. And are STILL out fighting for us.... so that we can live in peace here. Amazing that there has not been another attack on US soil since that fateful day. I am grateful for that. I am also thankful for my husband who has now returned from his 3rd tour to Iraq. I am a VERY proud wife of a US Marine and grateful for all the support and love that we, the military families, have received. May we always REMEMBER 9-11-01

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where has time gone?


I can't believe she is 10 months old already.... She is growing in leaps and boounds. Just had to share some cute pictures of her.