Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy 236th Birthday Marines!

Happy 236th Birthday Marines!  

I am so proud to call one of The Few, The Proud, my Husband and HERO!
He had his Marine Corps on Nov. 5th. I didn't go this year.  being in a new area, not having anyone to watch our girls and with life in general, it was better that I stayed home.  My marine also had a Marine Corps League Birthday "ball" celebration tonite, the actual birthday of the Marine Corps.  I was planning on going with him to that until it started snowing today.  We were concerned that the power might go out with the winds and all and didn't want to leave the girls home. (Don't worry we have a ALMOST 14 year old daughter who can babysit) So I stayed home with them and missed out AGAIN!

We did take pictures with our Marine before he left in all his BLING..... man do I LOVE my man in UNIFORM!

sorry about the hair.... I look like BLAH but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to take a pic with him :)

 So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marines... you truly are the BEST OF THE BEST!

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