Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

I have tried to think of some really “COOL” way to end 2011…. Some fun post of all the great things we did this year.  I can’t really come with anything.  So here is a little WHAT WE DID IN 2011…

This year was full of lots of changes… My hubby was gone for 5 weeks in Germany early in the year.  When he returned we got orders to Hawaii… as we prepared for that move and all it entailed, our orders were changed to MICHIGAN!  My hubby’s new “duty” would be InI in Battle Creek, MI.  No more military housing for us. No more commissary shopping for me. No safety of a military base. For the 1st time we would be living “Out in town” in the “real world”. WEIRD!
We said good to 29 Palms and all our friends… including saying goodbye to our daddy (my hubby) in April… as me and the girls moved to my parents house to live, while my hubby left for Michigan to TRY to purchase a home for us.  That process took 4 months THANK YOU BofA (YOU STINK!) In August me and the girls packed up, with my brother (who was wonderful enough to drive back with us, thank goodness he was there!) and we hit the road to Michigan.  We drove through Utah (got stuck there for 3 days thanks to some necessary repairs to my expedition) and then onto Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and FINALLY Michigan.  The trip took longer than expected, but we finally made it to our new “home”.  And ever since the end of August we have encountered Hot HUMID weather, nasty rainstorms and WIND, our first snowstorm that knocked out power for 24 hours and FREEZING temperatures. We also had our 1st visitors, my parents came in Oct. for Kelsee’s baptism.
The girls LOVE their schools and have met LOTS of friends.  Delaney & I love have LOTS of fun being home… watching tv shows, playing puzzles, coloring, playdough and more. My hubby is busy as always, LOTS of meetings and has started college classes this year.  He has taken 2 English classes and got B’s in both. (that is pretty good for someone that graduated 20 years ago LOL)
We are still TRYING to make this our HOME.  We have already has many repairs to this WONDERFUL home and still need to make some changes and get a bit more furniture (since we have doubled our sq. footage here.  I miss my family back in CA and UT and hope to be able to head back that way SOON for a visit.
We spent our 1st Thanksgiving (my birthday) and CHRISTmas without any family. We haven't done that for 4 years. It is taking some getting used to being out here... so far away from it all.
Well, that about sums up 2011…. All in all it was a crap year. I am so glad it is JUST ABOUT over!  Bring on 2012…. Sure hope you are better than 2011.

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