Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It is hard to believe that CHRISTmas has come and gone. I know I am a LITTLE behind on posting but I thought, better late than NEVER!
As is tradition in our family, my girlies get new CHRISTmas pjs every year. Then mom gets out the camera and goes crazy,,,,,,,,  as the girls say.

 (love this picture..... checking out her daddy)

 My girlies

They looked so cute in the jammies. And they even “posed” for pictures, except Haylee, because I guess taking pictures ISN’t cool!
I even got to get in a picture (thanks to my 3 year old)  this is the 1st shot.....

then the second (with a LITTLE help from daddy)

I even got a picture of my hubby BY HIMSELF! Shock of all shocks.  He NEVER lets me take a picture of him. NOTICE he is sitting by HIS fire... it only took him 5 times to get it started CHRISTmas eve.
We spent CHRISTmas eve baking yummy goodies and hanging out as a family.

OH! And the dog we got a few months ago ya, my hubby took him out to the training area to run around and well. He got LOST- OH DARN!  I was ECSTATIC when he called to tell me that the dog ran off and got lost.  Oh but I did put on the pitiful “oh I am so sad. “ bit. But inside I was JUMPING FOR JOY! Yes you might think I am mean. But this dog has caused nothing but PROBLEMS for me and issues that I don’t wanna deal with anymore!
But don’t ya’ll worry. My hubby got a call 2 days after CHRISTmas that the DOG was found! DANG IT!  I mean, GREAT! LOL  He is back home safe and sound.

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