Friday, February 3, 2012


 Oh how I LOVE Valentine’s Day!  I must say that ever since I was little and my parents celebrated VALENTINE’S MONTH  (YES you read that right, I said MONTH))I have LOVED Valentine’s .  I am a hopeless romantic.  I think it drives my husband nuts! He is so completely opposite from me.  I remember how things USED to be. The hand holding, the snuggling, the little gifts here and there.  I LOVED that.  Where has that all gone? Well, we have 4 girls now and busy lives and I guess we have just lost that.  I WISH with everything in me that I could just snuggle on the couch and watch tv. But instead, my husband is in his recliner and me across the room on the couch. I guess after 20 years of being together we have just gotten used to each other and in a rut.  I wish I could find SOMETHING to jump start that passion again. Is it possible?  I know it CAN be.  My parents have been married for 40 years now and they act like newlyweds. 

  So my question is would celebrating VALENTINE’S MONTH help?  Doing something EVERYDAY in Feb. to show my husband how much I LOVE him.  Things as simple as a card or as extravagant as filling his truck with balloons. 

When I was younger, we (as kids) spent MANY days in Feb. throughout the years HEART ATTACKING cars, decorating the house, filling cars with balloons and so many other FUN ideas. 

To this day my parents have a heart shape on the ceiling in their room- made out of yarn- done by my husband 20 years ago. Just simple little things like that.  I THINK we bring back that SPARK!  I miss that. I don’t EVER want to get COMFORTABLE in our marriage.  That is when TROUBLE happens!

So this month I am going to TRY to put forth MORE effort to show my husband how much I LOVE and appreciate him. 

Happy Valentine’s MONTH everyone!

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