Friday, February 24, 2012

What's been going on.....

I have been SUPER busy lately.  I feel like I can’t even keep up with my “normal” everyday things.  Dishes and laundry have taken over my life!  Not really but some days, I sure feel like that.

I have been STRESSING OUT for the last 3 weeks over NEW BEGINNINGS (if you wanna learn more about New Beginnings check  this out)  Our Young Womens president had assigned 1 young woman, a Mia Maid, to PLAN New Beginnings ON HER OWN (basically)! For one of her 10 hour projects. In doing this she has pretty much left me and the 2nd Counselor out in the planning and preparation and we had NO IDEA what was going on. I had issue with this from the beginning, but every time I said anything to the Pres. All I got in response was “everything will work out fine. It will be great” (NOT TO TOOT MY OWN HORN, BUT) I decided to go behind the Pres. back and, Well let’s just say that I am the one who took all the decorations to the church. I am the one who put together the little bags of treats and the bookmarks for the girls. I am also the one who did chocolate dipped pretzels, oreos, a rainbow fruit tray, rainbow cupcakes, and brought Hawaiian punch for part of the refreshments. I took all the tablecloths and paper goods. If it wasn’t for all the prep that I put in, New Beginnings would’ve been a flop COMPLETELY!  But instead it was only the program that flopped! 

 The young woman, showed up to CONDUCT the meeting at 615 (when the meeting was supposed to start at 630) wearing sweats! She had NOTHING for decorations,  she had not even printed out programs for anyone. PLUS 2 of the young woman who were SUPPOSED to be a part of the program were sick. So of course last minute changes and all. We started 20 minutes late. The program was RIDICULOUS!  We have 3 girls coming into Young Womens this year.  1 of them being my #2 daughter.  I was COMPETELY embarrassed and wanted to hide my head during the whole program, that lasted all of about 35 minutes.  I don’t think that the program prepared these girls to know what young womens IS or what all it entails. I definitely didn’t get a “spiritual” message out of the night.  Which makes me sad.  The whole point is to get the girls excited about coming into Young womens and being a part of such an AWESOME organization!

The theme for our New Beginnings was (supposed to be) A Rainbow of Values… Taste the Rainbow.  I got the idea off Pinterest.  At least the décor and the refreshments were rainbow themed...

Here are a few pictures from the SET UP of the night. My camera battery died and so this is all I got to take.

 Oreos dipped in colored chocolate YUM!

 (these were the little treat bags we gave to the girls)

This is my #2 daughter before we started... Young womens tshirt and all (thanks Gramma)
 Sorry for the gripe.  I will get off my high horse now and be more positive!

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  1. What's sad about the whole situation is that the girl who was going to do it as a project clearly needed guidance and didn't get it... Most adults wouldn't know how to pull off a program that big single-handedly, let alone a teenager. Your decorations and refreshments were sooo cute... it's just too bad she couldn't experience the fun of pulling together a theme like that, too. It sounds like a communication disaster. :-/