Sunday, March 4, 2012

So I did a LITTLE shopping this week

This past week was AH-SOME!  There was deal after deal.  I just couldn’t help myself.  I couldn’t pass the deals up. Most of the things I will use and others I will donate.
(these are just 2 of my shopping trips)
I started out the week with Register Rewards to use at Walgreens. In this 1 transaction I paid $7.58 for these items and got $16.50 back in Register Rewards. 

 All the items in this transaction popped out a Register Reward. You can’t beat that!
Yes I am a Walgreens ADDICT!  Especially when they have good deals 

I also went to RiteAid. I was about $40 away from hitting my $100 on items to get a $20 +up Reward. They had some great deals this week to.  I got everything in this transaction for $42 for all the stuff pictured. YES I could've done it cheaper by splitting up transactions, but I didn't have much time (or patience with the cashier)  I scored and got $44 back in +up rewards... Yes I DID make the $100 mark. I love that they figure out BEFORE coupons.

so when people ask me, is it worth it to coupon shop and go from store to store.... for me, it is!

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