Sunday, March 4, 2012

ALL Free!

Once in a blue moon you score a deal above all deals... well, the other day I went to  Target to use a few coupons that were expiring before the 1st. I stumbled upon these "trial size" bags of IAMS cat food (YES, we DO have a cat. I am NOT one of those people who use a coupon, just because.)  The bags were $3.00 each and I had 7 $3.00 off coupons.PLUS there were coupons inside each of the bags. I also got a pack of gum.  I used a $1.00 off UP2U gum along with a .55 cent off Target coupon. SOOOOOO.... When all was said and done, I paid the TAX on 7 bags of cat food and  a pack of gum.

Here is a little picture of my "loot"

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