Friday, May 25, 2012

One of THOSE days

Some days are better than others….
Today has been one of those ups and downs kind of a day. Sorry this post isn’t gonna be FUN and EXCITING… more of a rant kind of a post. Or complaining. Whatever you wanna call it.

About a week ago my hubby came home from work and he sounded HORRIBLE!  He said that he had woken up not feeling good, but being the “BIG BAD MARINE” that he is, he went to work.  Well by Friday night I felt HORRIBLE myself.  Running nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing… all the typical signs of allergies. My hubby had a fever on top of everything else. I never got the fever part.
Saturday morning, my hubby still had to get up and go to work. He had a “Yellow Ribbon” event for at work.  He was still sounding horrible and I felt bad he had to work.  But I had to go with my day too, along with taking care of my 4 girls AND not feeling good myself. 
When my hubby got home at 430 we had dinner and then he went and sat in his chair.  By 5pm he was asleep and didn’t wake up until 745pm. He then headed back to the bedroom where APPARENTLY he fell asleep again and did not wake up until 745am Sunday morning. Yes, that is right he slept for over 14 hours! And me, well I finally got to bed at around 1130pm (on the couch, because he had fallen asleep with crap all over my side of the bed) and then was awake by 630am Sunday morning.
Well that was just the beginning.  My question is Why are men such babies when they are sick??  I mean really, I don’t get to nap or relax when I am sick. If I do, our world (the house) falls all around us.
By Tues morning my sweet baby girl (I guess I should stop calling her that since she IS 3 ½ years old LOL) started to feel ICKY.  By 1pm on tues she had had 3 naps.  That is SOOOO unlike her.  I took her temp and it was running 102 degrees.  My poor little girl had come down with the crud.  And since Tuesday she has been sick.  I finally broke down and took her to the Dr. this morning. Her temp has not gone away and I am just exhausted!  I have been up with her everynight and I just want her to get better. 
At the Dr they weighed Delaney and she is back down to 27 lbs. She has lost 2 lbs since her last visit in March.  The dr, took a throat culture (although she had her tonsils and adenoids taken out March 20th of this year) she said she wanted to be on the safe side with the long weekend.
So the rest of my day was spent loving my baby girl and holding her as she was feeling icky. I don’t get much accomplished when she is sick.
So my emotions have been running high lately. Being tired, PMS and the goings on in my life. I have TRIED to share my feelings and things with my hubby, but he isn’t much of a listener. ESPECIALLY when TV is on (which Is 24/7)  So tonight after I put the girls to bed and tensions were high between the oldest 2 after they had a little fight before bed. I sat down to TRY to once again talk to my hubby about things.  Well, that didn’t work out so well.  NOTHING was resolved and I feel crappier than I did BEFORE I started to talk to him.
I would LOVE to chalk this up to him AND me not feeling our best, but this has become the way of life for me lately.
I am NOT writing this to say my marriage is crap. I love my hubby.  I think we are just in a rut.  We will be celebrating our 15 year wedding anniversary MAY 31st. I wish I could get things to change.  But after all these years I have figured out, the ONLY person I can change is ME.  I CANNOT change him. I wish I could.
So, there is my complaint, my rant, whatever.  I just have to remind myself, tomorrow will be a better day (I HOPE)

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