Monday, June 18, 2012

      Happy Father’s day to my sweet husband.

 I couldn’t have asked for a better “daddy” for my girls.  He has spent a lot of one on one time with them lately. Teaching them skills like building closets. Building workbenches, and mowing the lawn together.
I am so lucky to have him as my husband. He makes it possible for me to stay HOME and be a MOMMY!   
I am grateful for his sacrifice in serving our country.
 For his example to the young men in our ward. I am proud of him for all that he does!
For Father’s Day he wanted POT PIE’s for dinner… not a BIG FAT steak… Pot pies! Seriously, he is so easy going that he makes my life easier!  After dinner we gave him all our cards and presents.  Here is what I made for him

I got the idea from here.
We also gave him a camo USA hat and lots more CANDY! (the girls picked it out)  He has already gone out saturday and picked out his "other" gifts. He bought himself a gas weedeater and an air compressor. 
Also I want to wish my daddy a Happy Father’s Day!  I am lucky to have him as my daddy.  What an awesome example he is to me.  I know that I can ALWAYS count on him!  Ya know, all my sister’s say they are “daddy’s little girl”… Well I KNOW that I am!  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t talk to him.  I love you daddy!
 now for some FUN things I found for Father's Day.....
fathers day 
Father's day.

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  1. Glad your father's day was good! Loved the candy idea!