Sunday, June 3, 2012

So after some rearranging of the bedrooms/ who’s sleeping where, our oldest, Haylee is back downstairs.  Problem is, she has NO closet to put her clothes in.  SOOOOO my hubby come up with a BRIGHT idea to BUILD her one!
He worked in construction for YEARS before joining the Marine Corps and has always looked for way to get back into that element. So he chose THIS weekend to do so.
After making a trip (or two) to Menard’s to gather all the supplies, a reluctant teenager started helping her daddy BUILD!  But 1st they had to remove the countertop/cupboard and moved it into MY laundry room.. I couldn’t be HAPPIER!  More room to store away the goods!

 They are still in the process of building the closet.  Here are a few pictures of the progress they’ve made so far. My hubby says it takes WAY LONGER when you are teaching someone along the way.  But I have never seen that teenager so happy as I did yesterday working along side her dad!

 my hubby at work!

 one teenager NOT happy about getting a picture taken

 the 2 hard workers.  I am so proud of them for working together and for the patience my hubby has had in teaching.  

and the work goes on..... updates to come.

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