Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The tradition carries on....

It is the Tradition in my family and has been for MANY MANY years now that the first monday (FHE) after Thanksgiving we go to visit the "Christmas House" and look at the lights and all the new things. My girls havent had the opportunity since I think Kelsee was a baby. We ended up going on Sunday night because the girls and I had to leave to go back home Monday morning.

Me and the girls

My wonderful parents

LOTS to see.... So many things, the girls were in AWE!

I look like death warmed over. I was still not feeling my best, after being sick for 2 days.

Kelsee and Sydney checking stuff out. Look at this! and Look at this! That all I kept hearing. It was so cute. Reminded me of when I was younger.

Haylee loved the singing polar bear.

Uncle David and the girls..... he is the best Uncle EVER!

The goose.... nice that they strategically placed it so that we couldnt stick our finger in its mouth. (a tradition since we were little kids. For some reason we loved to get our finger squished by the moveable beek)

After the Christmas House we went by a house on the other side of Simi. It is FULL of Disney decor! Whoever lives there is an Amazing artist. The girls LOVED it!

Grandma and the girls checking everything out..... trying to find WALDO... they hide him in different places every year.

After we went to these house.... we continued the tradition and got ICE CREAM! My girls didnt remember ever doing that. No matter how cold we go.... Even Delaney got in on the act of eating the ice cream.... sorry no pics I had the camera and I was the one feeding her the ice cream. But believe you me she had a face full of Chocolate Malted Crunch!

It was amazing to be able to carry on the tradition of this with my girls. I hope to make many more trips there with them.... but next time hopefully we will have our daddy with us =)


  1. I've attempted to keep up the tradition with my children, as my parents took us to see the Becker's house every year. I love that you have a set day (even if it changes) that makes for less likely to miss a year here and there, like I do. Where is the 2nd house?

  2. I love it. I am glad that you and the kids were able to go... and glad that Mom and Dad and Uncle David had you to go with. My family definatly missed it!!