Sunday, February 21, 2010

Going bowling

Kelsee was invited to a bowling party last week.  Matthew was working so I had to take all the girls with me.  We ended up "crashing" the party.  Thanks to Brittney for letting us bowl too!  We had so much fun.

It was a 50's themed party and the kids all dressed in their best 50's stuff.

Delaney LOVED watching sisters bowl.  

Check out this "COOLNESS"  these glasses were in the goody bag (actually it was a 50's shaped car.... they were so cute)  She insisted I take a picture of her.



  1. Looks like everyone DID have fun! We went bowling on presidents day and miracle of miracles everyone bowled over 100. it was really fun! I love to bowl.

  2. it was a blast. I would love to join a league again... just cant talk anyone else into doing it with me ;)