Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm NOT done yet!

Today I took Delaney to the Dr.  After being sick since Thursday I figured something is going on and she needs to be checked out.
I have not been able to put her down much since Thursday nite.  She is miserable.  She is pale, lathargic (sp?) and all she wants is the momma!  But this momma is ONE TUCKERED GIRL!  She has been running a fever, throwing up at weird times (ie: in the middle of the commissary- thanks to all those that just walked past me and didnt help....) not wanting to eat and solid foods, she just wants to nurse.  I have NO problem with that!
Well as I took her to the Dr. today, this being the 1st time of seeing her new provider, she was VERY rude!  From the moment she walked in the room.  The corpsman (nurses) were not even finished with Delaney's vitals before she came in and started in on "so what's going on mom?"  As I started to explain the corpsman asked me to undress D she they could weigh her.  I then turned to answer them and the dr. (if you can actually call her that!) said.... "um mom!  What seems to be the problem?" I then began to explain more of what has been going on with D.  I told her that she has been running a fever and not wanting to eat anything.  She said "well she's drinking whole milk though right?"  I told her NO! She only wants to nurse.  She is nursing about 4-6 times a day.  She wants NOTHING else.  She was SHOCKED to say the least.  She looked down at the papers and then at the computer and then turned to me and said "You NEED to get her to eat and drink something OTHER than nursing her.  That has NO nutritional Value at this point and hasnt for her for a while now.  medically speaking that is"  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I was livid!  She then proceeded to tell me that I should stop nursing D and then maybe she would want to drink whole milk. I will say 1 thing-  I have had 4 children and I have NEVER given any of them WHOLE MILK!  They have ALL nursed past a year old and then went straight to 2% milk.  I am not gonna knock ANYONE who bottle feeds.  Believe me, I know that it can be difficult for some to nurse.  It has been at times for me. But I have pushed through and continued.  I nurse Haylee for 18 months.  Syndey for 14 months.  Kelsee was 22 months and Delaney is almost 16 months.
I was totally blown away by the comments from the Dr.  I have NEVER had any other Dr. tell me that nursing is not nutritional. In fact ALL have commended me on doing so and told me to keep it up!
I was frustrated after our BRIEF 3 minutes together with the Dr.  She told me that they were gonna do a catheter on D to check for a bladder infection and then started to walk out of the room.  I stopped her and asked what the diagnosis was..... all she said was "it's PROBABLY viral!" and then left the room!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  I was a total joke!  I am not one to jump at every little sneeze or cough and take my girls to the Dr.  Come on its been over 4 days now.  Its gotta be SOMETHING!  
I guess its time to change our providers AGAIN!  I will NOT be sticking with this one.
All I want is for my baby to get better and back to her happy self! I will continue to nurse her.... til SHE IS DONE! Cuz She ain't done yet!


  1. UGH! I would be so frustrated! I know there are good doctors in the military, but we never seemed to get them. :-( After reading this, I'm sitting here incredibly grateful for the wonderful pediatrician Emme has, even if we have to pay an arm and a leg for her, lol. We are in the midst of roseola at our house. Fever is done and now we are in the rash stage.

    I would give her another day or two, and see how she is doing. Sometimes when we are at the breaking point on day 4 or 5, they are right at the end of it and just need a few more days of Tylenol, Motrin and TLC. As long as she's nursing, she's not getting dehydrated, she is getting some nutrients, and she'll probably be just fine. Hang in there and good luck!!

  2. Sorry you are frustrated! Tired! and that D is not feeling well! I would change Dr. too! REMEMBER...YOU are the mom...AND YOU know best!

  3. What lucking girls you have! I nursed all 4 of my children well past a year old and was blessed with a wonderful doctor who supported our decision. Your doctor owes you an apology!
    We have sons in the Military and have heard that it is hit and miss with the doctors when it comes to our grandchildren. I hope your next experience is more positive. Keep up the great work mom. Hope your little one is feeling better.

  4. thanks aj for the support. I am blessed to have been able to nurse all my girls. It has been the best thing for them and for our family