Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's just a LITTLE booboo

So I get a call from the school this morning..... just the second day back at school after Spring Break.  I always dread when the school calls!  What happened now and who do I have to go pick up????

So the front desk lady says, "Mrs Conrad I have Kelsee up here in the Nurses office.  She fell and got a scrape on her face while at recess.  She cleaned it with soap and water but there is still some of the blacktop in it.  I just didnt know whether you would want to come clean it better or what.  Just thought I would let you know."  So of course with that I got Delaney up from her nap and headed over to the school.  I couldnt find the Johnsons booboo wash (as Kelsee calls it) so I figured baby wipes could do the trick too (they clean up everything!)
When I got to the school, this is what I found

This is NOT a LITTLE booboo!  
She had black all over the 1 side of her shirt, a hole in her leggings (they were brand new by the way!) and this BIG booboo on her face.  She even told me she had spit out some blacktop that she got in her mouth.  WHAT???? Are you kidding?  My poor little girl.  She was crying when I got there. She was so sad.  I tried cleaning it with a wipe and she said it burned!  The front office had not even given her an ice pack.  I was REALLY ticked!  I went out to my truck and got some Tylenol for her, because of course they can't give kids that either!  

I asked Kelsee over and over if she wanted me to take her home.  She said "NO I can make it mom!"  What a big girl.  So I gave her big kisses and hugs and said goodbye.  Good thing its early day at school!

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  1. SO happy we dont have to deal with that school anymore. I know you will be besides yourself when you can leave too. Poor Kelsee:(