Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's that time again!

Ok so here are my totals from Double Coupon day this month.  I didn't do as good as I did last month but I set the bar high with those totals!  But I was still successful

1st trip was $376.62 and I paid $60.01

2nd trip was $179.77 and I paid $24.90

3rd trip was $137.24 and I paid $30.42

4th trip was $89.34 and I paid $13.42 

5th trip was $113.64 and I paid $28.09

6th trip was $21.36 and I paid $0.00  (Thats right ZIPPO!)

7th trip was $21.71 and I paid $0.31 

For GRAND TOTALS of $939.68 and I paid  $156.96 only spending 16% of my total

All the loot!

got 2 packages of diapers for $2.99 each and the other 2 for $4.99 each

the Mach 3 refills for $3.89 each for a 5pk.

this time I even got games and toys.  2 FREE Monopoly jr. games, mrs. potato head for $2.99 and the talking Chuck for free

batteries for $0.38 a 4pk

~~Don't worry I will share in the wealth and I am bringing a bunch of goodies when I come up to UTAH.~~


  1. I just dont know how you do it. Would this work elsewhere or just the px and commissary?

  2. the commissary doesn't double, it's just the PX and 7day stores. Check the base out there they might do it too. You can SAVE money at any grocery store using coupons. Even if its not hundreds of dollars it all adds up

  3. Jen you would be soooo proud, I went to the store yesterday, and bought 10 boxes of instant oatmeal. 2 boxes of crunchy granola bars, and 5 boxes of poptarts for $14. That is my best shopping trip yet I think. I saved 74% off my grocery bill. My next trip, I bought 10 boxes of granola bars, a 24 pack of water,and 2 cake mixes. I only saved 46%, but hey every little bit helps.