Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The BEFORE...... one last look at the Kitchen floor at my mom & dad's before my brother and I replaced it over Spring Break
still busting up the floor.  (This was the last little bit behind the fridge.)
 We moved everything out of the kitchen friday nite to prepare for Putting in the NEW floor on saturday, in between sessions of Conference.  Take 1 last look at the old stuff.
It looks even better with this floor instead....

Oh and we couldn't forget under the stove.  Have I said how fun it was busting those things up?  I loved it!  It was a great workout.

My brother, David, was so precise in making sure we got all the little pieces of stuff up.  

Us HARD at work putting in the new tiles.  Yes I MADE my mom take this picture or else I wouldn't have been in any of them!  (I am always the one taking them)

It already looks amazing huh? and we weren't even finished!
Take it all in.  It looks SOOO Good and my mom loves it!!!

Sydney hanging out with us as we were putting the floor down.  The girls were big helpers.  Haylee kept Delaney busy and Kelsee and Sydney picked up all the trash for us.  

The FINISHED product!  After we moved everything back in the kitchen.  Now we are looking forward to PAINTING next time :)  I CANT WAIT!!!

We did it!  With some help from our friend Chris Canihan. He wouldnt let me take any pictures of him helping :)

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