Friday, February 26, 2010

Fingerprints everywhere!

Haylee is in 6th grade this year and for the 1st time she HAD to do a Science Project.  It was mandatory for her class.  After alot of thought she decided to do it on FINGERPRINTING. Her goal is to become an FBI agent so this is something she is already interested in.  It helps that her papa is a P.I. that has the COOLEST Fingerprint kit EVER! (words from Haylee)  Also her Aunt Jana did her science fair project on Fingerprinting YEARS ago (sorry Jana)

Haylee loved showing her sisters her work.
She carefully explained all the stuff to them.

 Haylee put alot of hours into this project.  Reading ALL the information from her papa. She had a partner for the project (who in MY opinion didnt do much work on the project at all)  They went to PMO (provost marshals office- the police on base) and had their prints done and got to see cool things.  And Haylee and Jessie (her partner) did the Boards all alone!  They didnt want help.

Haylee and her Participation Ribbon


My beautiful girls.... we were standing around for an hour WAITING for the awards to be handed out.  The girls were getting very antcy (ok so I dont really know how to spell that word)
So we just wasted time talking pictures.....Sad Delaney wasnt looking at the camera

We even took goofy pictures! I know I cant believe I am actually adding this either.  I look HORRIBLE!

Haylee was so excited and happy and couldnt wait for the awards.
BUT then she was heartbroken when the awards were handed out and she didnt "place" (win). :(  We were all so sad.
Anxiously waiting the awards. Sydney was so worried that Haylee wasn't gonna get an award. 

We are so proud of Haylee and are glad that she did such a great job!  She got 2- 100% percent grades for her class.  That is what matters.... the grades, not placing!

Haylee and her daddy had a really sweet talk about things and he made he see that in life its not always "fair".  She just didnt understand why she didnt win.  But maybe now she will.......

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm NOT done yet!

Today I took Delaney to the Dr.  After being sick since Thursday I figured something is going on and she needs to be checked out.
I have not been able to put her down much since Thursday nite.  She is miserable.  She is pale, lathargic (sp?) and all she wants is the momma!  But this momma is ONE TUCKERED GIRL!  She has been running a fever, throwing up at weird times (ie: in the middle of the commissary- thanks to all those that just walked past me and didnt help....) not wanting to eat and solid foods, she just wants to nurse.  I have NO problem with that!
Well as I took her to the Dr. today, this being the 1st time of seeing her new provider, she was VERY rude!  From the moment she walked in the room.  The corpsman (nurses) were not even finished with Delaney's vitals before she came in and started in on "so what's going on mom?"  As I started to explain the corpsman asked me to undress D she they could weigh her.  I then turned to answer them and the dr. (if you can actually call her that!) said.... "um mom!  What seems to be the problem?" I then began to explain more of what has been going on with D.  I told her that she has been running a fever and not wanting to eat anything.  She said "well she's drinking whole milk though right?"  I told her NO! She only wants to nurse.  She is nursing about 4-6 times a day.  She wants NOTHING else.  She was SHOCKED to say the least.  She looked down at the papers and then at the computer and then turned to me and said "You NEED to get her to eat and drink something OTHER than nursing her.  That has NO nutritional Value at this point and hasnt for her for a while now.  medically speaking that is"  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I was livid!  She then proceeded to tell me that I should stop nursing D and then maybe she would want to drink whole milk. I will say 1 thing-  I have had 4 children and I have NEVER given any of them WHOLE MILK!  They have ALL nursed past a year old and then went straight to 2% milk.  I am not gonna knock ANYONE who bottle feeds.  Believe me, I know that it can be difficult for some to nurse.  It has been at times for me. But I have pushed through and continued.  I nurse Haylee for 18 months.  Syndey for 14 months.  Kelsee was 22 months and Delaney is almost 16 months.
I was totally blown away by the comments from the Dr.  I have NEVER had any other Dr. tell me that nursing is not nutritional. In fact ALL have commended me on doing so and told me to keep it up!
I was frustrated after our BRIEF 3 minutes together with the Dr.  She told me that they were gonna do a catheter on D to check for a bladder infection and then started to walk out of the room.  I stopped her and asked what the diagnosis was..... all she said was "it's PROBABLY viral!" and then left the room!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  I was a total joke!  I am not one to jump at every little sneeze or cough and take my girls to the Dr.  Come on its been over 4 days now.  Its gotta be SOMETHING!  
I guess its time to change our providers AGAIN!  I will NOT be sticking with this one.
All I want is for my baby to get better and back to her happy self! I will continue to nurse her.... til SHE IS DONE! Cuz She ain't done yet!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Going bowling

Kelsee was invited to a bowling party last week.  Matthew was working so I had to take all the girls with me.  We ended up "crashing" the party.  Thanks to Brittney for letting us bowl too!  We had so much fun.

It was a 50's themed party and the kids all dressed in their best 50's stuff.

Delaney LOVED watching sisters bowl.  

Check out this "COOLNESS"  these glasses were in the goody bag (actually it was a 50's shaped car.... they were so cute)  She insisted I take a picture of her.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thanks Gramma Conrad

The Girls got Christmas gifts from Gramma Conrad... They were so excited to get the box.... And this is what was inside

Delaney in her poncho and hat

What's this mom??

Kelsee in her hat and scarf


All I see is PINK!  I love it!

Sydney in her pink!

Hey we match Sydney....

Haylee said she had a BIG HEAD!  and was a little ticked I made her put it on for the picture.  Doesnt she look cute???

My cuties!  Kelsee trying to keep Delaney still... didnt work so well.
Thanks Gramma for the handmade gifts!  We LOVE them

Delaney's latest talents....

Delaney LOVES to write and color.... she hasnt figured out yet what hand she is gonna write with though....sometimes its the left and sometimes its the right.
The Artwork

She was so proud of herself.    Best part is she had just learned to climb up on the chair all by herself too....


sorry its sideways

What a big girl! 
These are just a few of her New talents!  Wow does she keep me going.  But I love her to pieces!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I saved LOTS of Moola!

Soooo...... I have been so busy with "LIFE" lately!  But I couldn't resist sharing my totals from DOUBLE COUPON DAY.... This past monday was my BEST so far!
1st trip: Total before $349.12 paid $48.12

2nd trip $174.17 paid $ 37.10 (got Jipped, it should've been $28.05)

3rd trip $208.66 paid $39.03

4th trip $92.00 paid $8.96 5th trip $44.65 paid $19.65

My GRAND Total SHOULD'VE been: $868.60 and I paid $152.86.
That's only paid 18% of my total bill!

I FILLED the back of my truck with goodies ;)  including 4 jumbo packages of Huggies Diapers, Febreeze plugins, Cleaners galore! Medicines, shampoos, conditioners, haircolor and MUCH more!  I will be adding pictures soon.  
**One SAD note, for me at least... there is a rumor that they are doing away with DOUBLE coupon day here on the base come the first of 2011**