Wednesday, March 25, 2009

He's HOME!!!

Ok- So Matthew made it home! Yeah! Problem is... our computer DIED the day he was coming home. So we went 2 days without a computer and we finally broke down and bought a new laptop today. Another problem is not a picture or program has been added to this computer so I can blog.... so plain words will have to do- for now. I will share all the juicy details, later. Believe me, you aren't missing anything! It was a pretty bad homecoming. We were tired and he was SOOOOOO Irritated with the "retards" he works with (his exact words) But all I can say is he is home and enjoy his family.

He arrived here on the base about 1130pm. Then they headed to the armory, that is where they turn in their weapons- machine guns and firearms. That was almost a 2 hour process. At about 125am 6 buses made there way to the field and unloaded as the Marine Corps band played. YES they really did play that early in the AM. I waited and waited for Matthew to find me along with Delaney- who was sleeping in her carseat. After the buses cleared and they started to drive away I still did not see Matthew. Then my phone rang. He was still at the Armory getting the sight count. The buses had left and weren't supposed to. He said he'd be down in a little bit. About 10 min later he arrived in a van along with 1 other guy. I was a little shocked to see him..... side note, for those who are "new" and I haven't shared with, Matthew was working out in Iraq and had gained about 20 lbs -MUSCLE!!!.... He looked HOT! Oh sorry, did I say that outloud. Man- it's been 8 months what can I say????

Well no fun kisses and hugs and stuff we just said hi, and small kiss and hug and then loaded up in the truck. He was so irritated he didnt even look at the baby, who was covered with a blanket becuz it was cold out. As soon as we were ready to drive away, his phone rang and he was needed. He drove to drop us off before heading back to take care of other peoples stuff!

I put the baby to bed and got ready for bed myself- oh! it was about 215am by this time! Just as I was ready to climb in bed he came back. He had gotten another call and they said to just go home, they would take care of it next monday........

And so our time together began! OH! wait- I am NOT sharing THOSE details..... are you CRAZY??????

After about 3 hours of sleep the girls woke ME up. So excited to see their dad, but afraid to get him up. We spent the day just hanging out as a family. It has been so cute to watch Matthew with Delaney and to see her wonder who he is. She has fallen in love with him and loves to watch him make faces. She has even laughed at him. OH! and he has even changed a diaper already. Lucky me.

I am so glad that our family is complete again. Now onto the next chapter- getting used to having him home..... and in my way!

*** This is just a little taste of the Marine Corps life, for those who don't know. I wouldn't change it for the world though. I love MY Marine!****

-I will post pictures when I can.


  1. Oh Sounds soooo familiar! Happy he made it back finally though.

  2. YEAHHHHHHH! Love the details you did share, but please don't share the "private" details. Heehee!