Saturday, March 21, 2009

My head is about to EXPLODE!

After being sick for a week now, I figured I would be getting over this nastiness (is that even the spelling??) But NO it is even getting worse. Now I feel like me head is going to explode and my nose is going to fall off. I know, sorry probably too much info huh? Oh well.

So I spent the entire day blowing my nose, coughing and sneezing. And can I take anything? I dont think so, cuz I am nursing my sweet baby. ***Hey if any of you out there KNOW FOR A FACT that it is safe to take allergy type med's let me know. I NEED RELIEF!***

I am in the midst of about 10 loads of laundry today and going thru the WHOLE I call my room. I figured it was about time. I only have 3 days left to make things presentable for Matthew. I am not making it spotless, just presentable! Luckily, Delaney took about a 3 hour nap and the rest of the girls were gone, Thanks Carrie for letting them invade over there. I was able to make at least a small dent in things.

So maybe tomorrow I might have a minute to actually sit down and add the pictures of my girls on Sydney's birthday or of Delaney's finished bedroom. I have so many stories and pictures I would like to share..... but there just isnt enough time in the day right now.

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  1. Well they just pretty much played outside and did their picnic/makeup thing. LOL..I hope you feel better. I was sick for almost 3 weeks in Feb with it. Its a tough one to get rid of.