Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's all About ME! Not the girls

Ok so after much deliberation and thought... (and a LITTLE peer pressure, thanks Jules) I have finally succom to the Blogging Blworld! So hang on and enjoy the many adventures of my life as a mommy of all girls.

I wish I would've done this Blogging thing 8 months ago, when my hubby, we'll just call him Matthew- cuz that's his name- left for a long deployment to Iraq. We have had plenty of adventures since he has been gone. Many trips to the doctors, birthdays, the birth of our baby, Delaney Nicol, and of course all the holidays. And I wonder why my hair is gray???? no really I know why...... refer to the picture of the girls at top. It is not easy being mom and dad at the same time. But it has been a fun ride while it lastest and I am SOOOOOO looking foward to the ride coming to an end next Monday... when Matthew gets HOME and takes over being the dad again.

So here is the "lowdown" on our family.....
Matthew is a GySgt. in the US Marine Corps. He is on his 3rd deployment to Iraq. When he is not deployed, he is a major homebody, oops he probably wont like me saying that but this is MY blog not his! We have been together for 17 1/2 years, married for almost 12 years. We have 5 girls. Curstian, my stepdaughter, just turned 18 and is ready to be out on her own. Haylee is 11 (march 23rd) and is in the 5th grade. She is a handful on days, but on others she is the one I can count on. Sydney is 9 (march 19th) and in the 3rd rade. She brightens my day with her smile. She is a go with the flow kinda girl. Kelsee is 5 and is a red head and has the personality to go along with it! She is a smarty pants and thinks she knows it all. And then there is the baby of the family, Delaney aka "Laney" as her sisters call her. She has grown by leeps and bounds. She is already 4 months old. She brings joy to all of us and keeps mommy company during the day. It has been fun to watch her grow. Then there is ME! Yup that's right- little ole me, the one who runs the taxi service, is the chef, the maid, the laundrymat, the hairstylist, the "booboo fixer" and the glue that holds this all together! I LOVE Being a Mom! I am so lucky to have these girls and a great hubby to go along with it. It has been the worst and best years of my life. But the best outweigh the bad by far.
**just a sidenote, I love !!!!!- You will get that as you read my blog entries. Also if there are misspelled words it's not that I dont know how to spell it is that I am doing it with a little one on my lap and only typing with 1 hand**

Now that all the formalities are out of the way.
I should've known that one day I would blog. Over the past little while, I have caught myself saying "Wait I gotta get the camera, that would be a great blog, someday" well that day has finally come and arent you lucky, you get to share it with me.
Yesterday in fact, Kelsee decided to cover herself with bandaids. All over her face, arms and legs. Why is it that kids think that bandaids need to be used whenever you have a mark, bruise or booboo? and then 2 seconds later, that bandaid they were dying for you to put on is on the floor and no longer on their body? OH! Sorry I digressed. Instead of getting mad at Kelsee I said "Hold On- I gotta find the camera before you take those off." Check out the pictures. at the top of the page (OK so I am still new at this blogging thing and adding pictures. Give me time!)

Well I think that will be the end and a good start inside my world of craziness! I hope you enjoy it.....


  1. LURVE the pictures of Kelsee! I am totally excited about you having a blog!!!

  2. Well, I am following this blog, not just because you are Julie's sister but b/c I totally want to hear about the husband wife reunion stuff!

  3. thanks for the followings girlies! I feel special. I hope that I have some excellent stories to share come this time next week! Oh dont worry I wont hold back

  4. So cute Jenifer! Love the USMC background...I am totally obsessed with changing my background ALL the time!!! Your doing great!!!