Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here's the LOOT!

ok so here are my totals from Double coupon day yesterday

..... drumroll please - oh sorry.... LOL

1st total: $231.50 paid $54.12 = saved $177.38 (23%) 2nd total: $108.14 paid $18.14 = saved $90.00 (17%) 3rd total: $14.94 paid NOTHING $ = SAVED $14.94 4th total: $62.65 paid $15.65 = saved $47.00 (25%) 5th total: $147.56 paid $30.08 = saved $117.48 (26%)


This is a little closer look at all the "goods",  

I havent tried the TIDE stuff before but I figure for Free, for the small bottle and .68 cents for the large one WHY NOT!

Anyone need some tabasco? I have 6 bottles of it!


My best "buy" was 1/2 gallon of milk for .79. (it's not pictured- we already drank it!) Besides all the FREE stuff.  Milk is up to just about $3.00 a gallon again and it is killing me! So to get a gallon for basically $1.60 was SWEET.

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  1. You did great! Especially for 29 Palms! I'm too lazy to take pics of my loot, but I LOVE all the free and almost free stuff I get with coupons. I wish they had double coupon day here, but they don't because too many people coupon. I have to say, I love how much cheaper milk is in Utah! I was in shock for months, lol!!

  2. I bet Nicole. I didnt mind buying it there when we were visiting my sister. I am gonna be in shock I am sure when we get to Hawaii. I have been spoiled with double coupon day here =)

  3. Jenifer, just a heads up nothing is cheap in Hawaii! I am impressed with your shopping skills! You need to come over and school me, I spend way to much money at the store! I hate it!