Thursday, January 21, 2010

We love the Dippers

The girls had a day off on Monday so I figured it'd be fun to go to Chuckie!  We went with our friends, The Klafke's.  It was yucky weather outside so it was a Great day to go.

Delaney say Chuckie for the 1st time.  

She liked him.... from a distance.  

She also discovered  "dippers" (aka KETCHUP!)  She actually doesnt like fries.  I know weird huh?  what kid DOESN'T like fries?  So I had to share the pictures....

After all the dippers she got a little thirsty....

Haylee didnt want her picture taken.... can you tell?  Thats her with Kenzie Klafke.

and this is Kierra Klafke.

*promise Sydney and Kelsee were there too, they just played so much I hardly even saw them.  let alone had a second to take a picture of them*

We had such a fun time.  The girls played for about 3 hours!  Nice for us mommies ;) 


  1. What a fun thing to do on a day off of school. Sounds like everyone had fun.

    Delaney is so big!