Sunday, January 17, 2010

They aren't TOO old- YET!

I love that my girls are not too big to play with Playdough....

This week has been FULL of playdough creations!  I only took a couple of pictures.  I didnt think about it til they were done.  So I wanted to share just some of the fun and creations....

Kelsee joined in the fun.

I love the imaginations they have when they create!

Haylee's friend Dustina has come over to play too.  They have made some amazing creations!

Haylee's finished product.  A mermaid on a rock (oh and she's eating ice cream with some dripping down her face)  with a stingray in the water.  Can you see the ripples of the stingray?  it was so cute.

This was Dustinas final creation on another day.

The top view.

I love watching them create.... and not FIGHT!  It brings joy to a mommy ;)

Guess it was worth getting the 24 pack of playdough for Kelsee for Christmas.

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