Friday, December 3, 2010

The Ball

This year, like many other years past, my Marine's unit had their ball in Vegas.
This years was a "special" Ball.  Not only were they celebrating the Marine Corps Birthday, but also a WELCOME HOME from Afghanistan, and remembering those that lost their lives on this deployment. Some were considering it a "Gold Star" welcome home ball They  held it at Caesar's Palace on the strip.  (Man that place is CRAZY!)  We headed up there Sunday afternoon.  We got to leave ALL our girls at HOME. My brother was wonderful enough to come and stay with the girls for a few days so we (my marine and I) could have some "US" time. 
We had a nice drive.  We even stopped at Primm outlets on the way up.  I had forgotten a bag to take to the ball.  And of course they were all way beyond any cost I wanted to pay.  But I had my Marine with me and he insisted that I buy a bag.  I found 1 that might work at Kate Spade but DID NOT want to pay the HEFTY price for it. It was the size of a wallet and was $75.  Oh but wait, it was on SALE and only came out to be $68. I got it anyways and yes, I thought they whole way up there.  I will just return it on the way home.  Man that is A LOT of money!

Well we made it to Vegas, found the hotel and after alot of craziness... found a parking spot.  What seemed MILES from the hotel itself.   We got checked into our room, which was AMAZING! 

I have NEVER stayed in a hotel where you get a robe.  It had a HUGE jacuzzi tub, shower, double sinks... 

 OH! and a flat screen TV

let's just say I WOULD LOVE A BATHROOM LIKE THAT IN MY HOUSE!  sorry..... got a little sidetracked. We then went to get something to eat.... WOW! They totally know how to gouge ya.... $34 for 2 sandwiches, 2 small sides and 2 drinks. And it wasn't that good either. But my Marine was determined to splurge a little this trip.

We then decided to walk around "the strip" a little before it got too late.  WOW that place is CRAZY!  I am NOT a drinker and neither is my Marine.  We are NOT into the party scene and dancing and all..... which right there says VEGAS IS NOT FOR US!  But it was some good exercise to get out and about.  

Monday morning we decided to go check out the shops in Caesar's Palace..... well, let's just say that was another nice walk.  It was NOT our kind of stores.  My Marine even looked at me as we were walking around and said, I think I am even more broke just being in here.  Time to go back to WalMart where we are in our pay grade.  It made me laugh because that is what I was thinking the whole time.  We didn't buy a single thing, or even go in a single store!

After lunch we found our way to the ballroom where my marine ended up being "in charge" of decorating the tables for the ball.  The FRO was there but she was so busy trying to find her credit card which she had lost the night before when she got WASTED! (see, yet another reason why you DON'T drink!)  so what should have just been about an hour to make sure all his marine's showed up for a working party... turned out to be a few hours and me heading back to our room to hang out ALONE!  Not my idea of fun.

We met up and got a late lunch before going to get ready for the ball.  YUP! another $30 down the drain for food.  But  at least it was good this time.

It didn't take us very long to get ready... We took a couple pictures of each other 

 Doesn't he look HOT!  I LOVE MY MAN IN UNIFORM!

and then headed out for the mandatory meet the Colonel in his suite thing. Oh the joys.  My marine can't stand the people he works with, let alone the officers. and he is NOT one to hang out and chat. The mandatory stuff is just another thorn in his side. But He is good at putting on a happy face and playing the part.  It only took a minute before I was offered a drink... man it was not even 5pm and there were already people wasted there. AMAZING to me. Let alone the dresses some of these women were wearing...... SHOCKING!

Well that lasted a few minutes. Long enough to make the check in the box. Then we headed over to the "happy hour" before the ball.  Hoping to get out pictures taken before the rush of people. At least that worked in our favor.  But then we stood around for over an hour before the ball started. And don't get me started on having to pay $4 for a PEPSI!  seriously? so NOT worth it.

We made it through the ceremony, it was nice, but nothing amazing.  The speaker talked more about politics than the Corps and the birthday celebration. They then dismissed us to eat. YA RIGHT over 1000 people in a buffet line. NO THANK YOU!  So we called it a night and headed back to our room.  

All in all it was a TOTAL WASTE to go all the way to Vegas.  Buy or tickets and NEVER ate a thing!  I even bought my dress, luckily I can wear it again. But it was nice to get away with my marine and away from the girls for a few days.

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