Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Thanksgiving in the SNOW

We went to Utah for Thanksgiving this year.  We had planned to leave saturday before Thanksgiving, but instead we left Friday night.  We were all loaded and ready to go by the time the girls got out of school.  We were on the road by 2:30.  We made out 1st stop in Primm to eat dinner (just 3 hours down the road)  Then it was back on the road.  We ended up stopping for the night in Cedar City, UT.  We had planned to take the girls to Cove Fort Saturday morning..... well when we got up it was FREEZING outside!  I think it was 38 degrees with a strong wind, which equals COLD!  and Cove Fort is all outside.  So we ended up driving by SLOWLY checking out in the warmth of the Expedition and then moving on.

We made it to Lehi, UT to our hotel by early afternoon.  We unloaded our suitcases and then headed over to my sisters' house.  With our 4 girls it made for 12 kids and by the time everyone was home from work and all there was 6 adults.  What a house full, but I LOVED every minute of it!  I SOOOO miss being in Utah surrounded by FAMILY.  And this was the 1st time my husband had made the trek to Utah with the girls and me.  We visited as the kids played.  Most of the kids (my nieces and nephews) haven't ever really played or been around my Marine.  What a great time we all had together!
 (this is the "Dora Coma")

 We had reserved our hotel suite for a week.  (man did that time go by quik!)  We have always stayed with my sisters' before.... but it was nice this time to actually have a place for "US" to be away and on "vacation".  We spent all our days with family....playing, eating and having fun!  

Sunday was church with the family and then we had gone back to our hotel for naptime! yes EVERYONE of us took a nap and it was SO quiet. we woke up to this.

(I love this picture. The green grass with the SNOW covered mountains)

We then were gonna head over to my sisters for dinner but got a text and said they had just gotten up.... WHAT? at 630pm?  There was NO way we were gonna eat before 8 then. I got a little frustrated but they said come over at 7pm.  So we did. And much to my surprise they had planned a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY for me! 

Lots of family and some friends had come to SURPRISE me. (and my marine was just as shocked as me, he wasn't let in on the secret!)  What a great time we had visiting and eating.  I even got a big birthday cake... YUMMY! with LOTS of frosting!  My sisters are amazing!  I have never had a surprise birthday party before.

 Monday was Cabela's.... yummy Fudge and hours of checking out cool stuff!  My marine LOVED it and so did the girls.  Monday night I made dinner for the whole clan.  It was a hit!

It was SOOOO cold come tuesday.  Tuesday night we got stuck in the middle of a "blizzard".  We had left 3 of the girls with my sister for a sleepover with their cousins AND a night for mommy and daddy to celebrate my Birthday, which was Wednesday, Nov 24th. 

My birthday was a great one.  Really quiet and didn't do much.  I did go to lunch at OLIVE GARDEN with my sisters.  It was FABULOUS!  I was glad to get to spend some time just with my sisters. I sure am lucky to have them be my sisters and my best friends.  

they gave me some TOTALLY cool gifts! 

We went to my aunts for Thanksgiving. What a blast that was.  LOTS of fun.. food.... laughs and playing in the snow for the kids.  Oh! and visits to the horses with daddy. Delaney LOVED the horses and being in the freezing cold!  That isn't what daddy wanted but he was AMAZING and played along. 
(I got LOTS of use out of my new camera on thanksgiving... here are just SOME of them)

What an AWESOME trip we had!  We can't wait to go again


  1. Happy belated birthday! Glad you had an awesome time with your fam in Utah.

  2. what the! I posted a comment put it didnt show up!? so hopefully you dont get 2 from me... Happy late Birthday! I totally miss having thanksgiving at Ann's. You are so lucky to have such a great family. Funny that our paths crossed on Black Friday. I hope you got some great deals. hahahaha