Saturday, December 25, 2010

Oh the goodness

It is a tradition in my family to bake, bake and bake goodies for Christmas.... well we bake (make treats) with a purpose.  The purpose being that we pass out plates of homemade goodies to all the local Fire Dept. and Police Dept in the area CHRISTmas eve.  To thank them for their service and sacrifice for being away of CHRISTmas eve from their families, so that we can be safe.

This year Haylee helped me make most of our treats.  Actually we baked for 3 days.  1st making plates of yummy goodness to our friends and neighbors.  Lots of chocolate and peanut butter.  (it seemed to be the theme this year LOL) Yesterday though Haylee and I made some yummy goodness ...... like these

 And this was just some of it. 

Haylee, Delaney and I took it around last nite.  We started with the Naval Hospital,then off to the front gate of M.P.'s than off to the Fire Station (they dug into the treats before we even left the parking lot) and last the back gate of M.P.'s.  I am so glad that we have traditions, especially the ones I had growing up, that I can pass on to our girls.  CHRISTmas is for giving and sharing in the JOY of others..  Glad we could do that last nite, even if it was just with yummy treats!

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