Friday, September 23, 2011


I haven’t done a FRIDAY CONFESSIONAL in so long :L I figured it was time to get back on the bus.(LOL with my girls back in school all I think about in the AM is them riding the bus)
I am linking up for this addition of
Friday Confessional

1st off I gotta CONFESS I have STUNK at Blogging lately.  With this whole moving to Michigan thing it has made me a little down in the dumps and Not wanting to do much of ANYTHING!  

SO here we go…

I CONFESS… I am a totally sucker of a parent!  I gave in to my kids (and my marine) and LET them get a dog AND a cat!  YES I AM CRAZY!
See how it worked was they lured me into Petco to “look at the fish” (just something to do) and it just so happen to be PET ADOPTION day!  So yes  I gave in and satisfied my kids (and my marines) WANT for animals.

I CONFESS I am NOT happy with the LOADS of money it costs to care for animals! The start up cost is RIDICULOUS! Crate, food, cat litter box, litter, scratching post (so she doesn’t ruin my new couches) along with the many other things my girls NEEDED to get for them!

I CONFESS I haven't slept well since we got the animals.... the cat thinks our room is here place to be.  She LOVES to jump up on our dresser and walk around knocking all the pictures and knicknacks around. She also runs around in circles all nights with her little bell jingling and meowing.  

I CONFESS I wanted to throw "dora" (the cat, named by my 2 year old) outside this morning... being awake since 4am- thanks to the cat- is NOT my idea of a nice morning!

I CONFESS that I was a “mean” wife too and celebrating my marine’s birthday yesterday, Against his will. LOL  He is NOT big into birthdays, or holidays for that matter.  But this is the 1st year in awhile that he has actually been HOME for his birthday.  He is usually deployed so that is his excuse for not celebrating. We just had cake and homemade cards and gifts from the girls.
How did he spend his birfday?  Well he worked off course.... then came home and mowed the lawn on his riding lawn mower.

I CONFESS I FINALLY put up pictures in my new house. We have been here for 5 weeks today and I haven’t wanted to put holes in the walls.  It’s our house, we bought it . I SHOULDN’T have a problem putting things up, but I do.  So here are just a few of the things I did.

 (this is just a few things I put up. The rest of the house pictures will go up when I put my house together.... the way I want it!)

I also CONFESS that whilst I was hanging up the pictures, I was “ignoring” my 2 year old and this is what I get for that.  I CONFESS I was NOT a happy Mama!  But she thought she was so cute and if she smiled REALLY big, I wouldn’t be mad.  WRONG! But before cleaning it up, I of course, had to grab the camera.

I CONFESS that Michigan is starting to grow on me. I LOVE our yard and all the GREEN! 

 (this is our storage shed in the backyard) 

But I might have a different story when it starts to SNOW!

There you have it.... I've Confessed!


  1. :) I love your post!! I am the same- very uninspired about blogging - and part of is is we moved 3yrs ago and I'm still settling in because of various reasons (giving birth to twins in that time hasn't helped the 'get out and meet people' plan!)

    I adore that Family wall decor you have!!!! I love it! we took forever to put holes in our walls - and 2yrs later I still hesitate since its such a pain to fix! LOL

  2. The Baby powder experiment reminds me of the things my oldest got into when his grandpa was watching him when he was little--plaster, markers, finger paint. We have some great pictures of the messes he made. I did have one benefit--I didn't have to clean up the messes.

  3. At least the carpet will smell good!

  4. Hahahaha sorry I shouldn't laugh but GREAT PICS she looks so pleased with herself.

  5. At least she didn't dump the baby powder on any little brothers or sisters. My son dumped about half a bottle of baby powder on to his little sister.

    Girl, it's about time you make that house a home! Hang up some more pictures! lol!!

  6. thank goodness it was baby powder...i thought it was paint!

    GREAT to see you again, missed your confessions! thanks for linking up!

  7. Oh I feel so LOVED! I don't think I have ever had so many comments! Thanks Ladies