Monday, September 26, 2011

Kelsee turned 8

I am such a bad mom!  On August 28th my sweet Kelsee Nicol turned 8 years old.  Life has been so crazy with all the goings on I feel like I just can’t catch up. So here is Kelsee’s Birthday post (just a month late LOL)

My sweet girl has been counting down the days til she turned 8.  She cannot WAIT to get baptized BUT she’s gonna have to wait a LITTLE longer, til Gramma and Papa can come to visit in October.
I can hardly believe that Kelsee is 8!  Where did the time go?  I remember the day I gave birth to her the day after my oldest started Kindergarten. She came out a little red headed spitfire! And has been on the go ever since.  I can’t imagine life without our monkey.
Since her birthday was just 2 days after we got here to Michigan, she didn’t get a “party” with friends L BUT we made the best of it and celebrated as a family.  

I decorated her bedroom door, as tradition has it. I also made a BIG BIRTHDAY sign for her. 

We went to Sacrament meeting that day (it was a Sunday) and then came home and played the day away and watched tv.  Kelsee of course took no time to change into her "TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY" tshirt either

 Daddy BBQ’d Ribs and Corn on the cob for dinner and we had yummy cake. 

All in all it was a SUPER day!  I think she felt LOVED and appreciated (at least I HOPE she did)

Happy Birthday my sweet MONKEY!  We sure LOVE you and are so happy you are a part of our family!

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  1. Awww! They really do grow up so fast. Looks like a great birthday!! Can't wait to see her baptism!