Monday, September 26, 2011

Mom I'm BORED....

Is NOT ever something I hear from Sydney. 

Sydney LOVES to do Arts & crafts and make fun things.  In the midst of unpacking our house, we had a room FULL of empty boxes and packing paper. And I mean a room FULL! 

All of the girls were "BORED" because we didn't have TV hooked up yet and there wasn't much TO DO.... Sydney found something useful to do with the paper and pieces of the boxes..

She made a campfire.  This girl amazes me.  She is so crafty and uses her imagination in so many different ways.  I hope she never stops creating


  1. That is so cool. She is a creative, beautiful girl. You are a very lucky mom to have 4 awesome girls!

  2. Thanks Jules. I sure think so. Syd has always been so crafty!

  3. That is awesome! She is so crafty!!