Saturday, June 6, 2009

My "new to me" desk

Sydney with the
desks (the 1 on the right is the new one)

Hey there! I just had to show you my new to me desk. I got it for $10 off the 29 Palms Yard Sale site out here. It's like Craigs List. I found out about it through my friend, Whitney (thanks!) I have gotten some great things. I just got a bath seat for Delaney today for $2. I have gotten NEW DVD movies for $2 Not to mention all the stuff I have SOLD on there too! It is even better than ebay! I dont have to mail anything or loose money from paypal and ebay fees.

So when I got this desk It was the fake wood color with black accents trim. There were water marks and scratches on the top. I decided to paint it on top. So with my neighbor friends help... This is the result! I love it. It is so big. Check out the comparison to the old desk. I have all these big idesa but never follow thru..... until now! I am proud of myself for not letting my ADD get the best of me.

*I dont really have ADD, my friend just says I do =)*

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  1. Love it, love it! You wanna bring it up to me when you come????? HMMMM????